Track and trace vehicles in estates

Issue 1 2020 Commercial (Industry)

eTrac provides a solution to tracking courier, contractor and visitor vehicles within housing and commercial estates using live real-time monitoring software and AI.

The security guard at the boom gate places an eTrac on the vehicle (see image) in a high-visibility area. The guard then scans the vehicle VIN number and driver’s licence and enters the eTrac ID number. Once the data is captured by the scanner, the vehicle enters the estate.

The eTrac can now track and monitor the vehicle every 30 seconds by streaming data and alerts about location, speeding, entering restricted areas, as well as alert on vehicles that have been stationary for exceptionally long periods of time.

When the vehicle returns to the exit gate, the security guard reverses the process by re-scanning the vehicle’s and driver’s details. The scanner will indicate that an eTrac was attached, the guard removes it and the vehicle is allowed to exit. If there were any incidents within the estate, the suspect’s vehicle with the eTrac attached can easily be traced by route history reports.

Key elements

• Intelligence gathering via constant 30 second data streaming.

• Adding a new dimension of secure monitoring of vehicles.

• Ease of deployment – seconds to place on vehicle.

• Live track and trace of vehicles entering and roaming around on an estate.

• Powerful management tool with reports and visual playback.

• Instant alerts on speeding and entering restricted areas.

• Always on duty 24/7/365, data tracing every 30 seconds.

• Proven reliability with BetaTrac’s AIMSS monitoring software.


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