Securing BP’s new head office

Issue 1 2020 Access Control & Identity Management

Given the multitudes of threats facing commercial operations, modern building security must go beyond the traditional access control and monitoring needs. Security system functionality must extend to operational support and include features to help manage business processes.

The anchor tenant at Phase 1, BP South Africa, recognised the need for a versatile and adaptable solution for its safety and security needs. The landlord at Oxford Parks required complex counting, control and reporting for the tenants parking area, including occupancy status displays and lockout indication.

All of BP’s visitors are required to watch the compulsory OHS site safety video, which was previously kept on DVD and played to visitors on each entry, often causing delays. BPSA previously enrolled visitors manually, making it difficult to identify returning visitors. In addition, BPSA’s evacuation mustering also involved multiple printed lists and manual counting. This was prone to inaccuracy and significant delays during what could be potentially life-threatening circumstances.

The professional team recognised the need to streamline, simplify and automate processes. ISF SFP (formerly SFP Security and Fire), specialist fire and security system integrators were awarded the tender based on the supply of the Gallagher Command Centre Access Control and a CCTV platform. Extensive engagements clarified expectations and the scope was adjusted to include additional integrations with a cloud-based application as well as capacity for multiple credentials using the Gallagher’s multi-tech readers.

The credentials needed to work across the separate landlord and tenant systems and the use of mobile credentials, which allow the users to use their smartphones’ Bluetooth or NFC functionality to access the premises with Gallagher’s Mobile Connect application, were selected for the system.

Cloud-based access control integration

The new building integrates Gallagher Visitor Management to WizzPass, a cloud-based visitor management application. Guests can enrol before coming to site and or book themselves in using a tablet device at the reception area, where they will select their host, watch an induction video and must pass a related test if they have not been onsite for more than 12 months.

ISF SFP’s configuration helps ensure that the receptionist validates the visitor’s identity and assigns them a visitor a card, which is paired with a host’s card. Access is only granted in conjunction with the escort or host, who takes responsibility for the visitor.

ISF SFP configured electronic mustering at BPSA using multiple mobile readers linked to Gallagher’s application on 3G tablets. Staff present their credentials at the assembly area are moved to the safe zone. The location of all staff is continuously monitored and assigned on a Tag Board list within the access control system, which indicates the building zone that the person most recently entered.

A macro button allows a report to be emailed to the tablet that shows the last location of any staff members that have not been accounted for. Their personal details such as mobile number, existing medical conditions, line manager and so forth, anything that may assist fire marshals, can also be shown. In addition to sophisticated counting features, the logic tables allowed for paraplegic toilet occupancy control with configurable timers and panic features.

Integrated parking management

ISF SFP also configured a first-of-its-kind counting system for basement parking management. This system allows tenant groups to access the pre-allocated number of parking bays within the shared parking basement. When the parking limit for a tenant group is reached, further tenants from this group are not permitted access and must use the ticketed parking system until bays become available. Individual limits can be set for each tenant group and live counts indicate the status of the available parking. This allows for reporting that will facilitate overhead recovery, highlights utilisation and allows for optimised bay allocation benefitting both the landlord and tenants.

ISF SFP was awarded Phase 2 of the security project by the landlord and continues to engage with the customer to adapt and align the systems with their changing needs.

For more information, contact ISF SFP, +27 11 247 7800,,


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