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Issue 1 2020 Access Control & Identity Management

Once the technology of the future, biometrics has quietly snuck into our daily lives through smartphones and access controls into our places of work.

This increase in use can largely be attributed to the convenience brought about by this technology, which offers us a means of identification that cannot be lost or forgotten, ultimately protecting assets, information and people by only allowing secure access.

In essence, biometrics is fast becoming a lifestyle where your identity makes a difference.

As a leading global provider of biometrics and security, Suprema is devoted to developing superior products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are backed by its renowned biometric algorithms and superior engineering.

Access control and time and attendance

Easy to use software and a stable product portfolio that covers a wide range of installation conditions such as indoors/outdoors, hot/cold, centralised/distributed and various modalities including finger, face and card/PIN as well as mobile credentials makes Suprema an excellent choice when designing an access and time attendance system. There are also options for advanced security such as live finger detection, fake face detection and vandal resistance.

Identity that doesn’t stop at the door

Suprema is a prominent manufacturer of access control and T&A, but its identity solutions don’t stop there. Other products in the portfolio include:

• Suprema ID Real range, focused on biometrics, passport and ID hardware for civil and criminal solutions, for private or public enterprises.

• Suprema Fingerprint Modules for custom hardware design requiring industry-leading biometrics.

• Moca Inc., to be launched soon, which will focus on mobile credentials and enhancing users’ lives through convenience by expanding mobile usefulness.

• BioSign, focused at biometric algorithms for large-scale mobile manufacturing, excelling in small finger sensors, under screen recognition and even face. With clients such as Samsung, this technology is creating convenience for millions of users.

Suprema’s leadership enhances people’s lives daily through easy access, accurate and convenient attendance, seamless borders, effective government civil ID, and fast mobile biometric authentication.

Local services

As the distributors of Suprema in southern Africa, neaMetrics offers extended warranty options, friendly technical consultants for fast support as well as repair services through its service centre, which is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Furthermore, it runs a training and certification programme for system integrators and installers which is encouraged, as this also gives neaMetrics the opportunity to connect and to form better relationships with the people and companies that deliver Suprema to the end-user.

Corporate end-users

For corporate end-users in the Gauteng area, onsite consultation and requirement analysis can be executed to determine your enterprise needs before referral to a qualified installer. The company also performs a post-completion site inspection to ensure that the installation is up to standard.

Software engineering

Its local team of engineers are here to help, from providing advice and fast-tracking custom solutions development, to addressing niche solution needs and firmware and software customisations.

Be a part of the family

Join its Identity Lifestyle, where our identities create convenience and make life better.


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