The blessing and curse of communications

1 January 2020 Conferences & Events

Hi-Tech Security Solutions will be hosting a full-day Residential Estate Security Conference in Durban on 12 March 2020, focusing on ‘Meeting Estate Security Challenges in 2020 and Beyond’. The event will focus on identifying, understanding and dealing with a variety of challenges modern estates face, highlighting the best technical and process-oriented approaches to streamline estate security and operations.

Modern communications have opened so many doors for estates, allowing them to run their entire operation more efficiently, replying on real-time information, and even being able to manage it from a smartphone. But the same capabilities also present new risks that estate and security managers didn’t have to worry about a few years ago.

In the Residential Security Conference 2020, Craig Rosewarne, managing director of Wolfpack Information Risk, will delve into the murky world of cybercrime and highlight the cyber threats estates are exposed to on a daily basis. He will also discuss why these are real challenges and not just marketing ploys by vendors of cybersecurity solutions.

Craig will explain why ignoring cybersecurity can be a costly mistake. Most physical security systems and the central command centre run on IP networks, which means they are a target. Craig will highlight just how vulnerable estate security and operations are to cyber risks as well as advise on how best to protect your estate from cyberattacks.

Make your network work for you

At the other end of the spectrum, modern communications also offer estates a range of opportunities to take advantage of, some of which will allow for improved operations, others enable the estate to provide better services to residents, and some can even be used as a profit centre without much effort on the estate’s part.

Rudi Potgieter, senior product manager at Vox, believes that, like any business, an estate's network is a vital part of its security function. It permits voice, data and video to be transmitted from cameras and other security equipment to the control room and to other responsible individuals. But it offers much more than that.

Rudi will discuss the possibilities and benefits of a unified network, which covers the services an estate can provide, but he will also highlight the potential for estates to earn some income from the ever-growing need for communications.

To see more of the agenda and to register for the Residential Estate Security Conference, go to, or contact Dominique on +27 11 543 5816, or


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