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Turnstiles from Turnstar control the flow of people at the revamped Montego premises.

Montego Pet Nutrition has undergone a R70 million upgrade to its factory in Graaff-Reinet, Eastern Cape. This investment has seen its production increase by 30%, the total of which is the equivalent of feeding approximately 715 000 adult Jack Russells daily.

With the increase in demand for its premium pet food and treat products, Montego also built a new 3600 m2 depot worth R15 million, divided equally for use as a warehouse and treats production facility. A complete line to produce extruded semi-moist pet treats has been installed as the company embarks on expanding its treat range.

Montego currently distributes to nearly 2000 stores across 16 countries worldwide, including South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, Tanzania, and the UAE.

The upgrades to Montego’s operation have created nearly 30 direct positions across various levels including operational, managerial and supervision. This increase in production capacity and subsequent increase in the personnel led to a revamp in the physical security system. Part of this overhaul included the supply of two 3-metre Velocity barriers with folding skirts, two 5-metre Velocity barriers with folding skirts, one Titan 3/4-height hot dip galvanised turnstile and three Titan 4-single hot dip galvanised turnstiles.

The Velocity traffic barrier provides Montego with high-speed operation to ensure rapid traffic through-flow. Not only does the Turnstar Velocity have great aesthetic appeal but it is also fitted with some of the latest technology, including brushless DC motor, planetary gearbox and battery backup.

“One key feature of note is the compression spring counterbalance system. Typically a vehicle barrier is fitted with a tension spring which is wound tightly and which is prone to breaking. The Velocity is fitted with compression springs which apply a constant force during the barrier movement and which remove the need for a tightly wound coil and hook. All the springs are manufactured from steel wire, are electroplated for longevity and have an exceptional lifespan,” says Craig Sacks, managing director of Turnstar.

The Titan turnstile is a firm favourite in Africa and has fast gained popularity elsewhere in the world, with an increasing number of countries specifying the turnstile for applications requiring a fit-and-forget approach. Sacks points out that the Titan turnstile requires no routine maintenance or lubrication, so it is perfectly suited to high-volume access environments that require uncompromising security levels.

“We use hot dip galvanising to apply a protective sacrificial zinc coating over the turnstile’s steel to prevent rusting. The turnstile components are also treated in a chemical pre-treatment tank and are then dipped in a bath of molten zinc. The zinc bonds to the steel and then forms a zinc oxide layer. The coating ensures that the zinc will undergo the anodic reaction before the steel substrate is affected. Galvanised steel helps guard against corrosion and stands up well to water and salt exposure,” says Sacks.

Not only is durability a given with the Titan turnstile, but an emphasis on safety features such as the anti-trap disk prevents mid-cycle trapping in the event of a power failure. “The feedback we have received from Montego has been extremely positive and the company can look forward to many years of uninterrupted service from both the Velocity traffic barriers and the Titan turnstiles,” says Sacks.


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