From the editor's desk: What a year it has been!

November 2019 News

We’ve made it to the last issue of 2019. This year has been a tough one for the local security industry with almost everyone feeling the effects of the poor economy that shows no signs of recovery. Naturally the politicians, after reducing the expected economic growth for this year have noted that there will be improved growth next year, but we’ve heard that one before.

In this issue we highlight some of the products we covered during the course of the year. We naturally went through many products in our monthly issues and handbooks in 2019, so these are just a taste of a few of them that our team thought deserved a mention (as always, for space reasons, there are more online).

We also publish a review of the iLegal conference we held in Johannesburg earlier this year. Despite only being able to give the presentations a brief mention, I think the review shows that it was an informative and interesting conference covering a variety of topics pertinent to the security world. An interesting take-away from the conference was that, while the latest and greatest technology can do wonders (and cost a wonderful amount), preparation, knowledge and strategy is key to your security programme’s success – whether you use new or old technology. One presenter quoted Sun Tzu, saying: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”.

Andrew Seldon.

While this may be the last issue we put out this year, we will still be working on the Access & Identity Management Handbook 2020, which will be posted in mid-January to welcome you back to the grindstone.

But that’s not all. In 2020 Hi-Tech Security Solutions will be doing a little revamp of the way we structure the magazine. I won’t say too much right now, but we hope our readers enjoy the new format and the content we provide. One thing that won’t change is our focus on providing relevant information to the industry in both the traditional security market as well as new areas we all need to be aware of. We already cover cybersecurity and the IoT, but we will focus on the convergence of the different ‘securities’ as the industry embraces the future.

We look forward to feedback from our readers as we figure out the future of the industry together.

Before we get there, however, the Hi-Tech Security Solutions team would like to wish our readers, advertisers and your families the best for the festive season, and here’s hoping everyone has a prosperous 2020.


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