A decade of providing advanced access control solutions to the trade

April 2018 Access Control & Identity Management

Powell Tronics, a local and national value added distributor, is celebrating 10 years of dedicated solutions, support and service to its well-established customer base, through a network of branches and a highly focused and dedicated team.

John Powell.
John Powell.

Company CEO, John Powell, believes the company has achieved this landmark through the strength of the team and their willingness to find customer-centric solutions. Through loyal and well-established supplier relationships, the company has been dedicated in its pursuit to be the first-choice provider to the trade for the products/solutions within its portfolio.

To this end, the company recently has made a large investment in moving the Durban and Johannesburg offices to customer-friendly premises. “We have moved to another floor within the Durban building which housed our previous offices. This has resulted in a floor design that carefully considers traffic flow from the entrance, past our product display rooms to the reception area,” says Powell.

“We have also moved to centrally-located premises in Rivonia, Johannesburg. This provides a better customer experience, and sees our logistical team now based on the ground floor, which has resulted in improving the customer experience in our northern region, where most of our African market exports are facilitated.

“To further improve operations within the company, Matthew Bushell was appointed as operations coordinator, allowing Powell to focus on the strategic elements of the business.

In addition, the company has increased its sales staff complement by adding Deidre Martins to the Johannesburg offices and Quintan Aylward has come into the technical team in Cape Town, which paved the way for Stephan Wessels to move into sales, while Brian Atkinson has joined the Durban sales department. Together, these initiatives will allow us to bolster our support function and provide customers with enhanced benefits.”

An exhibitor at Securex for the past seven years, Powell Tronics’ offerings have been refined in the last decade and today offer end-users enhanced security through advanced access control, decreased absenteeism through software, such as ATOM, and student verification and examination attendance using the company’s PT-Rollcall.

“Tall oaks from little acorns grow. Ten years ago, Impro Technologies proudly welcomed Powell Tronics into our distribution network. Over this time, we have seen the business grow from one small regional office to a national concern – a truly great achievement.

Today, our partnership continues to pioneer the access control industry and, as we celebrate its 10th anniversary, we look forward to another great 10 years. Congratulations!” says Impro’s Vikki Vink.

“As a manufacturer, IDEMIA strives to bring cutting-edge technology to the market, but without local partners such as Powell Tronics, the journey would not have been as successful.

Amongst others, Powell Tronics has developed state-of-the art solutions geared towards the education sector using our Android-based biometric tablets as their platform of choice. We are looking forward to many more years of cooperation,” says IDEMIA’s Nicolas Garcia.

“On behalf of the entire Powell Tronics team I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all of our regular customers for their support over the years. We will continue to bring them additional world-class solutions in the future,” says Powell.

For more information contact Powell Tronics, 0861 787 2537, [email protected], www.p-tron.com

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