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Hanwha Techwin has launched the Wisenet X series with an embedded, self-developed chipset. The Wisenet 5 chipset used in the Wisenet X series, is the most important component to date developed by Hanwha Techwin’s core technologies.

“Wisenet 5 is our latest chipset. It’s at the core of Hanwha Techwin’s competitiveness,” said Lee Man-Seob, president and CEO of the Hanwha Techwin Security Business Group. “Wisenet X series is our first product range to use this single chip solution. Our new 5-megapixel and 2-megapixel camera line-ups will offer much faster image processing and upgraded functions.”

Wisenet X series offers 150 dB WDR, image stabilisation using gyro sensors and delivers sharp images 24 hours a day with improved low-light performance. The 150 dB WDR uses four frames to create a more natural image, while new technology has been developed to remove blurring, a critical weakness of existing WDR, and provides clear images. Gyro sensors have been added for more accurate stabilisation. Stabilisation comes into effect when a camera is disturbed by wind or vibrations, resulting in more stable images.

Using WiseStream II, Hanwha Techwin’s unique compression technology, the Wisenet X series delivers a bandwidth friendly camera range. The Wisenet X cameras feature H.265 compression and WiseStream II, a complementary compression technology dynamically controls encoding, balancing quality and compression according to movement in the image. Bandwidth efficiency is improved by up to 99% compared to current H.264 technology when WiseStream II is combined with H.265.

The Wisenet X series offers many useful analytics. The audio analysis function recognises critical sounds, such as gunshots, explosions, screams, and broken glass, and then immediately raises an alarm. Among other analytics, queue management is also an important feature. It can analyse queues generated in a shop or bank for more efficient management.

Using the USB port, the Wisenet X series can connect cameras and mobile devices through Wi-Fi. Viewing angles can be checked immediately while installing using a smartphone. Dual SD slots allow up to 512 GB to be saved automatically to the camera, safely keeping data in the event of an unstable network.

There are many other benefits to the new series, including a variety of on-board analytics. Additionally, with the new chipset used in the Wisenet X series and Hanwha Techwin’s lens technology, images can be monitored in colour even in low-light environments without IR LEDs.

Hanwha has now established a full line-up, from an affordable entry level, to competitive high-performance products that will satisfy the needs of projects and customers in all vertical sectors.

For more information contact Jaco De Wet, Hanwha Techwin (formerly Samsung Techwin), +27 (0)79 843 4051, jaco@stcctv.co.za

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