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Crisis management with a wall
April 2017, CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Integrated Solutions

What happens when a security crisis hits an organisation? Is the right information immediately available to the right people to coordinate a quick and accurate response? Cutting-edge technology provides security teams with the tools they need to effectively collaborate, coordinate and manage a security crisis in real time.

The Immix Crisis Wall is a new addition to the Immix CC (Immix Command Centre), a platform that allows for seamless collaboration between disparate groups responding to a security event or crisis. It allows security professionals to share an information wall that includes live video, mapping, event information and more, from a simple web interface.

The Immix Crisis Wall

Any invited user: Authorised Immix users simply send an e-mail invitation to anyone they want to join their wall. The invitee simply clicks on a web link and provides their name, no cumbersome user or account setup required. This allows the Crisis Wall to be shared with first responders and other security professionals outside of the organisation who need to collaborate on the response.

Large integration library: Leverage the vast integration library to connect a wide variety of different cameras systems.

Multicast video streams: Immix connects once to a camera system and then multicasts this to everyone accessing the Crisis Wall.

Audit the crisis: Everything the users saw, said and did is recorded in the Immix multimedia audit trail for forensic review, post event.

Any event: An event wall can be created for scheduled events where users want to easily collaborate across organisations or groups.

No software to install or manage: Any users can access the Crisis Wall via a web browser, eliminating the need for IT to maintain and support remote software.

Features of the Crisis Wall

User and presenter: Different users can be promoted to presenter, providing them the control of cameras, along with the layout of the wall being shared with everyone.

Chat: Users can chat back and forth as they coordinate response to the event.

File drop: Want to share the evacuation plans with everyone? The Immix Crisis Wall allows users to drop and share any file, helping to coordinate and simplify the response to the event.

Configure the layout: The layout of the Crisis Wall can be changed at any time, and up to 25 individual tiles can be configured per wall. Individual tiles can be resized, moved or the content of the tile can be changed from video, to a map, the alarm queue, alarm clips, or an operator’s real-time audit trail.

For more information contact VantageMDT, Jayne Nel, +27 (0)72 948 2017,,

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