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October 2014 Access Control & Identity Management

The addition of Synerion’s Workforce Management (WFM) enterprise solution to its current hardware and software offering will provide Powell Tronics with access to the large-corporate market. Already well known for its access control, time and attendance, asset management and security solutions, the company’s decision to become a distributor for the Synerion software allows it to offer a turnkey solution to the market.

Synerion boasts a 25-year history in the workforce management arena and leverages its 5500 installations worldwide to manage more than four million employees in a wide range of industries. With a standard solution, suitable for a number of industries, and customised packages for the healthcare and hospitality markets, the Synerion brand eliminates the need for vertical market-specific redesign, thus decreasing the time required for implementation.

John Powell, MD of Powell Tronics, together with seven employees, has received in-depth training from the visiting Synerion technical specialist, ensuring that the company is positioned to implement Workforce Management immediately.

Synerion WFM offers a number of benefits in managing employees. In companies that employ large numbers of people, it is often difficult to efficiently schedule their time and resources. The Synerion solution removes the tedium of manually allocating employees to jobs or time periods. As part of this system, a job costing module will allocate cost codes to specific hours worked, allowing HR to accurately calculate employee remuneration.

The Web-based portals allow employees to self-service themselves in terms of applying for leave or enrolling on a training course, for example. The employee simply logs into the system, enters the dates or information required and the system then generates a request and performs the necessary checks to determine whether the request matches the employee’s current history. The relevant manager then enters the system and provides final approval on the employee request.

The mobile clocking/attendance feature allows one to program in designated checkpoint areas where specific employees can clock in and out of work. Since this is achieved via the employee’s smart phone, it allows employees to clock in and out of work at third-party venues, such as customer facilities.

Workplace planning enables management to plan workforce teams for specific projects. This would be relevant when equipping a hospital, for instance. The number of theatres within the facility would be matched to the number of anaesthetists, nursing staff, radiologists and surgeons required. This ensures that the correct people are in place for a specific time period.

The Synerion WFM interface is geared for ease of use and combines dashboards, graphs, predictive alerts and notifications for a more satisfying user experience. Because of its proactive nature, the system is able to provide corporations with an upfront overview of employee utilisation and consequently eliminates excessive overtime by any one employee.

Powell says that the addition of Synerion WFM to its basket of offerings is firmly in line with the company’s strategy to present customers with added value that is not simply centred on hardware solutions.

For more information contact Powell Tronics, 0861 787 2537,,


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