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October 2019 Access Control & Identity Management, Residential Estate (Industry)

Suprema had a full range of access products that cater for centralised, decentralised, indoor and outdoor biometrics on display, as well as card-only products. The company was further able to inform delegates at the Residential Estate Security Conference that it also catered to any combination of access products mentioned before, designed to suit the needs of each estate.

Moreover, Suprema’s Walter Rautenbach added that the brand can easily be used as part of an integrated offering, seamlessly integrating CCTV and mobile, as well as the company’s new iVisit visitor management solution.

Rautenbach said iVisit received the attention it did as “it offers both high-end and low-end residential complexes a cost effective visitor management solution that is fully integrated into Suprema’s offering and which stands out because of its convenience to residents, value add to security managers and its effectiveness in removing the cost variability for body corporates, who battle with not being able to plan expenses that need to be paid from levies”.

iVisit is a proudly South African visitor management solution, and although it is a new product, it has paid its dues and 35 sites have already pre-ordered the solution based on proof-of-concept projects. The official release of the product will be October 2019, in line with this publication’s release.

“We believe the conference was a great success and it was good to see all the interest from suppliers and residential estates,” added Rautenbach. “Conversations with delegates at the conference clearly illustrated their experience in the field and the real need for residential security. It is clear that delegates are aiming for integrated solutions that offer convenience while carefully managing costs.”

Looking ahead, Suprema SA will be releasing a multi-site version of iVist in the near future as well as the company’s new custom mobile credentials. Rautenbach says the multi-site solution focuses on making the life of property groups easy through centrally managed infrastructure and ensuring effective ROI, even in the case of low cost residential complexes.


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