NFa2p security certification

October 2019 News, Cyber Security

Advisor Advanced (ATSx500A Series) security systems with the UltraSync cloud security solution recently obtained the 3 Shields CNPP NFa2p electronic security certification for a complete system, the highest level available.

The NFa2p standard includes a certification of robustness to cyber-attacks. Advisor Advanced is a security product manufactured for the residential and commercial segment by Carrier, a global provider of innovative heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies.

In a connected world, security systems are increasingly connected to IP broadband and cellular networks for alarm reporting, remote configuration and mobile connectivity. Protecting these communication systems from cyber-attacks is critical. The entire security system environment, from control panel and software to communication protocols should benefit from maximum protection.

Advisor Advanced with UltraSync cloud security is certified by the French Centre National de Prévention et de Protection (CNPP) to the highest level of the NFa2p standard, 3 shields with the option on robustness to cyber-attacks, ensuring it meets the latest cybersecurity needs.

“By obtaining this certification for our integral Advisor Advanced security solution, we are demonstrating leadership in the security segment,” said Stéphane Baudena, managing director of Fire & Security Products, EMEA, Carrier. “This new certification is a result of our continuous efforts to develop solutions that deliver the security and peace of mind that our customers deserve.”

With the certification, Advisor Advanced also obtained certification of its software to the latest EN standard, EN50131-3: 2009 including annex C. This certification covers the remote flashing function and remote access.

As such, Advisor Advanced is the first control panel that boasts a full system environment CNPP 3 Shields security certification, including both remote flashing and remote connection functions.

“These certifications by the CNPP provide an important statement on the robustness of our security systems,” said Kris Somers, strategic marketing and communications director of Fire & Security Products, EMEA, Carrier. “They prove that the Advisor Advanced is raising the bar in cybersecurity.”

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