Next generation BlazeCut T-series

August 2019 Fire & Safety

Designed to protect small enclosed spaces with greater risk of fire, the BlazeCut T-series system is easy to install. When a fire occurs, the combination of heat and internal pressure causes the tube to rupture – creating a nozzle – and release the extinguishing agent directly onto the source of the fire.

The new T-series caters for both electrical and engine bay applications, using HFC-227ea gas agent.

HFC agent does not conduct electricity, corrode or cause thermal shock damage and therefore pose no risk of harm or side effects to the protected enclosure. It discharges as a liquid, disperses in the form of a gas and leaves no residue after extinguishing – eliminating clean-up costs. It is ideal protection for small on- and off-road vehicles, mobile machines, electrical cabinets and pleasure boats.


• Small and flexible. The high flexibility of BlazeCut Tube with A, B, C and electrical fires class rating can protect almost any space.

• No cylinder for storage required, the whole system can be placed inside the protected enclosure.

• Cost-effective. Long working life, automatic activation, and no maintenance during working life.

• Long working life: 5 to 10 years depending on the type of application.

• Pressure switch, signalling unit and dash-mounted alarm panel options available for additional safety functions.

• Clean and effective extinguishing agent, globally known and accepted HFC gas (HFC-227ea).

• No pressurisation needed. The system works by increasing pressure of the extinguishing agent when heated.

• Automatic operation based on increased temperature – ideal for non-occupied spaces or spaces out of sight.

• No harm to protected enclosure and people when discharged.

• Simple installation: no pressurisation required for installation.

• Operation temperatures: from –40°C up to 90°C.

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