Intelligent and reliable fire detection

July 2019 Fire & Safety, Industrial (Industry), Products

Protecting people and assets, and securing business processes are of utmost importance. That’s why Cerberus PRO provides fire safety solutions for any application area. Detectors with the ASAtechnology (ASA = advanced signal analysis) are the choice for protecting especially demanding application areas.

Because in environments like data centres and industrial production facilities, you need highly advanced technology to ensure maximum safety and optimal protection – with no false alarms. With the capability of earliest detection of flaming fires caused by the combustion of liquid and solid matters, ASA neural fire detector OOH740 and ASA neural fire and CO detector OOHC740 are especially suited for:

• Data centres.

• IT and telecommunications equipment.

• Hospitals and nursing homes.

• Restaurants and canteen kitchens.

• Car repair shops and parking garages.

• Industrial production facilities.

The ASA neural fire detector OOH740 and the ASA neural fire and CO detector OOHC740 ensure the highest degree of safety and fast, very early reaction to flaming fires. What’s more, they are immune to deceptive phenomena like steam, dust or gas. ASAtechnology means that the sensor converts the recorded signals into mathematical components. These are then compared with the programmed values in real time using intelligent algorithms.

ASAtechnology is so intelligent and reliable that it even prevents false alarms and the associated costs. Another benefit is flexibility: If room usage changes, simply load another parameter set that fits the new requirements into your existing detector.


• Unique detection reliability and protection against false alarms thanks to ASAtechnology.

• One detector family for any application area – from highly sensitive to very robust.

• Quick and easy adaptation to process- and time-dependent ambient influences.

• Fast and reliable detection of smoke, heat and gas.

• Environment-friendly solution – thanks to reduced packaging and cabling.

• ASAtechnology surpasses EMC standards as defined by VdS and EN 54.

For more information, contact Thabang Byl, Siemens Building Technologies, +27 72 631 9722,


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