GSM-connected online access control platform

June 2019 Access Control & Identity Management, Commercial (Industry)

ET Nice has introduced a GSM-based access control solution that can be applied for commercial facilities and business parks, residential estates as well as private properties. The company’s sales and marketing executive, Gerald Kirsten, explains the rationale behind the locally designed and manufactured product: “These sorts of access control scenarios have traditionally been highly dependent on a phone, with the person having to either make a phone call or send a text message to enter a facility.”

Instead, ET Nice’s Online Transmitter Management System functions using a transmitter-receiver solution connected to the cloud via a GSM switch. It is the result of a collaboration with Accentronix, and combines a special E.T. Accentronix receiver which can be connected to any Cellswitch Infinity controller to enable full control over the remote’s transmitters. The transmitters employ a double-encrypted rolling code mechanism with a unique code so that they cannot be cloned.

What sets this solution aside is the remote accessibility and traceability provided by the online platform. The platform allows a transmitter to be programmed from anywhere in the world, with each transmitter linked to a specific staff member and granting them access to areas they are authorised to enter. Installers can thus program an entire business park or complex from the comfort of their office. The moment a person uses their transmitter to access a facility, the entry status and time are logged on the platform.

The system further features a dual SIM, mobile app with push notifications and control, 10 000 user capacity, and a feature to control daily peak time opening and closing, timer/management, with a selectable weekend/public holiday feature.


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