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Residential Estate Security Handbook 2017

Discrete presence and guarding ­assistance
April 2018, Access Control & Identity Management, Products

Alut is an organisation that seeks to ensure the well-being, rehabilitation, economic status and future of people with autism in Israel by offering a wide variety of programmes. In an attempt to offer its ‘Home for Life’ programme to residents, a lifestyle as similar as possible to that which is experienced by normative society within a thriving residential area, Alut searched for a discrete system of ensuring residents’ locations and staff members’ performance.

The organisation struggled to find a single technological solution to unify and realise these goals. In partnering with Rosslare, Alut was able to implement an inconspicuous room checking process that increased staff performance and made guard patrol duties more convenient and cost-effective. Rosslare’s quick-to-install DigiTool system of tags and readers successfully met the non-profit organisation’s needs and enabled Alut to enjoy top guard patrol capabilities without infringing on anyone’s personal space.

Initial challenges

• A large residential compound with many ­residents in need of hourly bed checks at night.

• A need to ensure staff conduct and performance was appropriate and up to standard.

• Inefficient rounds procedures.

• A lack of updated guard patrol technology.

• A lack of manpower.

• High overhead costs.

Solution implemented

• Alut was able to purchase an off-the-shelf security solution, customised to its particular needs.

• The single package format enabled Alut to save money on the security solution, include more security tools and have funds left over to direct towards other expenses.

• Rosslare installed unique and discrete tags to be used with a DigiTool reader for a simple, efficient and remote-operated guard patrol solution.


• Alut was able to monitor its residents’ whereabouts remotely, without infringing on personal space and privacy concerns.

• Staff members’ performance increased.

• Security rounds became more convenient and less physically taxing.

• Residents not in their assigned rooms during bed checks could be located with greater speed and ease.

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Supplied By: Rosslare Security Products
Tel: +852 2795 5630
Fax: +852 2795 1508
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