Pharmaceutical security in Turkey

February 2018 Access Control & Identity Management

Roche Mustahzarlari Sanayi AS operates as a subsidiary of Roche Holding AG in Istanbul, Turkey. The company’s new management facility in Istanbul was designed to improve employee productivity. The facility, which has a floor space of 2000 m², includes meeting rooms, free activity areas, common activity areas and offices, spread over three floors.

Roche was facing a challenge due to the sensitivity of its pharmaceutical product marketing, a diverse level of employee attendance and access control permissions, and parking management. They were looking for a tailor-made access control solution with sophisticated readers, yet a company with flexibility and a good service track record.

Rosslare was selected as the service provider and offered a solution including the following:

• AC-825IP advanced scalable networked access platform controllers, including R/S/D/P-805 expansion panels per each network of controllers.

• 2 AY-U900 UHF long-range readers.

• 55 AY-K12.

• 1 AYCB7661.

• 48 IP cameras.

In addition, the solution uses the following software:

• ViTrax PC DVR/surveillance client/server management software.

• AxTraxNG server-client access control management software, with new sophisticated reporting module.

The engineering design plan aimed to achieve three major goals:

1. Supply the most secure access control.

2. Centrally manage all security applications: CCTV, access, intruder alarms.

3. To reduce expenses and save electricity.

The decision was to integrate magnetic sensors with the readers to monitor the management building’s access control, along with advanced UHF readers intended to manage car parking concerns. Everything was connected to the AC-825IP networked access controllers, with AxTraxNG providing advanced settings to meet the customer demands.

With a single credential, the employees can park in the parking lot and gain access to various areas according to their specific permissions. With regard to security monitoring on a real-time basis, the system features various surveillance camera options to monitor sensitive areas and enable/disable doors.

The second goal of the solution was saving electricity power by monitoring human presence to shutdown lights and air-conditioning when not needed. The system supplies the flexibility that Roche was looking for in the best response time without jeopardising high-security requirements for all zones at all times.

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