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Residential Estate Security Handbook 2017

Only one week left to book for iLegal 2017
September 2017, Conferences & Events, News

In a world where everything is connected, and by its very nature, insecure, surveillance has become far more than simply a security issue. Surveillance today impacts almost every aspect of our lives, and in the very near future, it will be pervasive.

But what are the implications of surveillance in today’s world? What new or improved applications of the technology are there to improve the security function? And what legal and ethical implications do we face when using these innovative technologies?

iLegal 2017: Tomorrow’s surveillance, today’s reality, will examine what surveillance offers businesses today in terms of safety and security, and also look at the implications thereof. The conference will include presentations covering the use of surveillance for crowd control, new and innovative applications of thermal surveillance, what we can expect from drone technology going forward, and the ever-present cyber security risks inherent in modern surveillance solutions - as well as in every electronic system out there.

To set the scene, the keynote presentation of the day will be by renowned futurist Dion Chang, who will demonstrate that tomorrow’s surveillance is already happening today, and how science fiction is no longer all that farfetched.

Following Dion, iLegal will present a number of expert speakers dealing with various issues surveillance leaders today will find both informative and challenging. The presentations include:

Human rights - implications for surveillance and company strategy: Martin Hood has extensive experience in managing human rights issues in difficult situations for companies. He will discuss how human rights violations can be raised, what kind of strategy should you have in place to deal with them?

Legal and delivery issues in CCTV training: Dr Craig Donald will look at what training is necessary for effective CCTV surveillance operator performance, and how does the South African legal framework feature in this.

CCTV and crowd management: Shannon Patrick from South Deep Gold Mine will discuss how CCTV can be used to understand and prepare for crowd dynamics, using the information to work out strategies for constructive engagement, facilitate conflict management and resolution, and ensure the safety of people and infrastructure.

Education and strategy: Adriaan Bosch, chairman of ASIS South Africa will touch on the lack of security education in South Africa and how this has impacted the development of preventative security strategies in the sector as a whole.

City and enterprise security convergence: Heinrich van Eck will discuss the realities of securing a smart city and choosing the right technology partners. He will drill down from the wide scope of enterprise strategy to the granular detail of matching security technologies with practical challenges like security staff selection, training, operational oversight and security information management.

Thermal surveillance panel discussion: The thermal panel will reflect some of the best perspectives and insights into the current and future status of thermal cameras. It will offer delegates the opportunity to discover, clarify, and get some innovative and independent answers to their burning questions around thermal surveillance.

Drones now and tomorrow: Mark Paynter will take a look at the current use of drones in the security environment as well as upcoming technology innovations and the potential future applications of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Cyber security and IoT: Bernard Senekal will talk on how cyber security is lacking in the physical electronic and guarding security world and how this presents significant risks with the advent of IoT and related technologies that are being adopted at a rapid pace.

To book or find out more information, go to, or contact Dominique at (011) 543 5800,

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