Additional module for security officers training

April 2017 Associations, News, Training & Education

The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSiRA) is introducing an additional module for security officers training, Grade E. This will apply to all training providers that are accredited by PSiRA.

The additional module will focus on ‘Human Rights.’ It will aim to provide basic knowledge on human rights as part of the current Grade E curriculum. PSiRA has notified the industry that the additional module will be in effect from 1st of April 2017.

In terms of the required services offered by security officers within the private security industry, there are a number of competencies required in order to meet their expected performance and to comply with the Code of Conduct for Security Service Providers 2003. Hi-Tech Security Solutions engaged with PSiRA’s training manager, Anna Tsele, to find out if the additional module is necessary.

Hi-Tech Security Solutions: What prompted the additional module?

Anna Tsele: We are aware that security officers are assigned to multiple incidents, in which they may be the first responders. It is important that in whatever engagement the security officers find themselves operating in, they are obliged not to violate a human’s rights. As a result, there is a gap identified in terms of what the daily function requires and what the curriculum, in terms of grades, provides for. The Authority, as the regulator, was therefore requested by the portfolio committee to address the deficiency through a curriculum.

Hi-Tech Security Solutions: What is the objective of the additional module?

Anna Tsele: The objective of the module is to provide security officers with basic knowledge on human rights within which we aim to assist the officers to identify examples of violations within the private security occupational context.

Hi-Tech Security Solutions: What does this mean to private security training providers?

Anna Tsele: The private security providers accredited to offer Grades (only PSiRA accredited) will be required to address the topic as part of the grade training and particularly for Grade E.

Hi-Tech Security Solutions: What will happen to security officers who have already obtained a Grade E certificate?

Anna Tsele: The Authority had to follow two approaches in order to fill the gap on competencies required from the security officers. The intention is to provide for the short-term and long-term solution. The additional module is considered a short-term intervention which should be an integral part of the current Grade E curriculum. With regard to the long term, the Authority will review the current grades and develop the qualifications which will aim at addressing the gaps within the current curriculum.

It is important to note that in any change management process, confusion must be avoided in terms of the existing and the new, and hence this directive from the Authority will only impact the new entrants at this moment. In line with industry training, there are various mechanisms that the Authority will be driving in terms of development of private security officers and this will take the phase in and phase out approach. Security officers who have obtained Grade C will need to explore and undergo professional development activities that will provide for acquisition of relevant and current knowledge. It is reasonable at the moment to mention that the refining of the curriculum proposed on the Draft Training Regulations is crucial for the finalisation of the training regulations.

Hi-Tech Security Solutions: Are all training service providers required to add the new module?

Anna Tsele: Not all security training providers, however, all those that are PSiRA registered and accredited by PSiRA.

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