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May 2016 Mining (Industry), Fire & Safety

Before choosing a suitable safety and security solution from the multiple systems available, it is imperative that a total risk analysis is carried out to determine potential high risks. There are multiple fire safety systems and products on the market; however there is no one size fits all solution.

Cutting-edge technology can be applied to create safe working and operational conditions by monitoring and controlling remote detection devices. Products and solutions must prevent operational delays and damage through early detection and appropriate suppression in identied risk areas.

Sperosens provides innovation through the design, manufacturing, installation, management and maintenance of safety solutions that enables its clients to focus on their core business. Solutions include:

• Fixed fire detection and suppression systems using various technologies such as water and foam mist, condensed aerosol flooding suppression and clean gas agents. All these products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Condensed aerosol and clean gas agents leave no residue or mess to clean up after activation and are ideal for use in server/computer rooms, MCC panels and archives or food storage facilities.

• Portable fire extinguishers using condensed aerosol, water and foam mist. The portable extinguishers vary in size from the small, easy to use Firestryker unit weighing only 275 g to the more powerful water and foam mist extinguishers. Again these products are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and easy to use. Firestryker does not leave any residue after use and is not a pressurised vessel therefore it does not require any servicing.

• The Servalog service logging system allows customers to capture extinguisher checks and services in an electronic database for extensive planning and reporting on all servicing information. It is almost like having an electronic ‘logbook’ for each extinguisher.

• Fire system readiness and reporting is achieved by the Sperosens i-CAN-C System. When insurance issues arise the system can report that each component was in working order and armed at the time when an incident occurred.

• AP sensing Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) using fibre optic cable. Up to 10 km of fibre optic cable can be used to sense heat on each 1 m section to 1°C accuracy. The system is easy to install and report a change in temperature or ‘hot spots’ according to pre-set parameters. Early warning by the system can prevent loss and damage or the system can be used as a detection method to activate fire suppression systems.

• EnviroSmart is an intrinsically safe environmental monitoring telemetry system detecting up to four types of gas and airflow to monitor the safety of staff working in hazardous areas.

It is important that fire prevention becomes part of the whole strategy. Preventing fire from breaking out is preferable rather than providing a reactive cure when fire breaks out.

The system design must address critical components such as the belt coverage in the mining industry, flow rate, nozzle selection, pipe diameter as well as the duration and capacity requirements of fire protection system chosen. In terms of duration and capacity requirements, the NPFA 15 requires the system to spray for 30 minutes as well as an additional 30 minutes for backup. It should have the capability to activate two zones simultaneously, or at least one zone plus a fire hydrant depending on the risk analysis.

Measuring the health of the system in use is critical. The system should be working 24/7 and therefore the controllers in use should be able to send the signal immediately to a control room if system malfunction is detected, and the system should be regularly cleaned and maintained.

Sperosens services include risk assessments, solution designs, implementation and service level agreements as part of the total solution package. All solutions comply with relevant local and/or international standards eg. NFPA and SANS. The company is a supplier to the mining industry and has many certifications and accreditations such as: SAQCC, ASIB, FDIA, FPASA, ECSA Professional Registration, FEASA, ISO 9001, SANS 1475 and CIDB.

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