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July 2015 Conferences & Events

Intelligent Telematics offers in-vehicle camera solutions that allow companies to keep an eye on their cargo and vehicles at all times. Its solution offers one to four camera installations, with live video, tracking and event management for all vehicles on the road.

The system is managed via a Web-based interface. Video can be transmitted via 3G for live feeds, or Wi-Fi can be used to transfer the vehicle’s video to the central server when it enters the company’s premises. For businesses that risk losing stock after a truck has stopped, the video can also be set to record for up to 240 minutes after the ignition has been switched off.

Craig Lovell presented the Intelligent Telematics solution at the logistics breakfast. He explained that the solution keeps fleet owners in touch with their fleet at all times. The benefits obtained go further than simply preventing pilfering, hijacking or diesel theft; it also reduces the costs of asset mismanagement as driver behaviour is monitored. It also cuts downtime as well as insurance fees.

“Not only does the Intelligent Telematics solution allow for more effective crime fighting, but can also improve driver performance by highlighting the need for training in certain areas,” he explains. “Moreover, simply by letting drivers know that their conduct is under scrutiny we find that companies save significantly on the costs of tyres, brakes and vehicle maintenance.”

Cameras can be placed almost anywhere on the vehicles, such as inside cabs facing forward (through the windshield), facing inward at drivers and/or passengers, outside facing the diesel tanks to keep an eye on the fuel, or facing the rear load or the side of the vehicle to monitor traffic and the immediate vicinity of the vehicle. A camera can also be placed in the load bin to monitor the loading and unloading of goods.

The cameras are only part of the solution as it also uses GPS tracking and mapping to keep tabs on vehicles at all times, allowing operators to play back a trip along with the video recorded at specific times and map locations during the journey. It also provides route planning and geo-fencing functionality.

The solution is available from Intelligent Telematics as an outright purchase or as a monthly rental solution. When choosing the rental option, the customer has a monthly outlay as operational expenditure as opposed to a capital expenditure purchase, but with the same benefits and usage of the system.

For more information contact Craig Lovell, Intelligent Telematics, 0861 158 527, [email protected],

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