Putting jammers in a jam

July 2015 Conferences & Events

Pulsit Electronics was also a sponsor of the breakfast with the company highlighting its in-house developed jamming mitigation solution designed to counter the use of jamming devices hijackers use to prevent trucks from alerting owners that they are in trouble.

As mentioned in previous issues of Hi-Tech Security Solutions, jamming overpowers the frequencies of alarms, cellphones and other communications technologies we use for our security, keeping any alerts from getting through to a control room. When a frequency is jammed, so much ‘junk’ noise is created that legitimate signals can’t get through.

The Pulsit solution is completely automated and requires no human interaction. Once jamming is detected, the Pulsit system ‘limps’ the vehicle (i.e. it restricts and/or immobilises the vehicle so that the driver is forced to pull the vehicle over). This prevents the vehicle from being moved away from its last known position, allowing recovery teams to locate and safeguard the vehicle and its load. Pulsit’s 24/7 risk call centre will be alerted of any risk events such as (but not limited to) GPS loss, units stopped updating, tamper and jamming detected and will initiate an emergency protocol as defined by each individual client.

The Pulsit solution is completely automated and requires no human interaction. Once jamming is detected, the system’s actions are carried out immediately, leaving the would-be thieves or hijackers with a dead truck at the side of the road and the knowledge that help is on the way.

As soon as the vehicle is in the rightful owner’s hands, the system will be reset over the air by an authorised person allowing the vehicle to continue with its normal deliveries. Pulsit covers each vehicle it is installed in from the dispatch location where the goods are loaded, through to the destination where they are unloaded.

In August 2014 Pulsit started with the roll-out and installation of its solution in its first fleet of trucks from a company that had experienced hijacking problems. Almost immediately, the client realised a decline in hijackings as hijackers could not get away with their vehicles and loads.

The logs of a real event were displayed during the Pulsit presentation, showing that once a vehicle had been identified as being in trouble, i.e. hijacked, it took about one hour for the company to recover it and it was on the road again. A much faster recovery from hijacking than today’s logistics companies would expect.

Pulsit Electronics offers clients a full suite of services for fleet and vehicle management including its anti-jamming solution. The company’s footprint covers South Africa, as well as neighbouring countries, including Namibia, Botswana, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

For more information contact Pulsit Electronics, +27 (0)87 151 3280, [email protected], www.pulsit.co.za

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