Smoke detection saves lives

February 2015 Fire & Safety

The most important function and benefit of using a smoke detector is that it saves lives, which makes it a compulsive security measure in every home and office. Security & Communication Warehouse completed its range of security equipment in 2014 by adding the Napco fire and alarm product line to the mix.

Every year thousands of lives are lost in South Africa due to fire. A smoke detector stands guard around the clock and when it first senses smoke, it sounds a harsh alarm. There are different types of smoke detectors and alarm systems, but the two most commonly recognised technologies are ionisation smoke detection and photoelectric smoke detection.

Ionisation smoke detection is generally more responsive to flaming fires and photoelectric smoke detection is generally more responsive to fires that begin with a long period of smouldering. For each type of smoke alarm, the advantage it provides may be critical to life safety in some fire situations. It is therefore very important to select the correct equipment and ensure the functionality is suitable for all potential danger situations.

The Firewolf 2- and 4-wire advanced photoelectric smoke detectors are very accurate in detecting a wide range of fire types. Its reliability outperforms conventional photoelectric detectors by far. It will detect virtually all types of fires including paper, wood, gasoline, polystyrene, and smouldering fires. These units have a non-directional smoke chamber with a vandal resistant security locking feature, and are also available in a built-in thermal heat version.

The Gemini Wireless photoelectric smoke detector is vastly becoming a very popular choice too. This new stylish and improved model has a 5-year battery life and has a very compact 5,2-inch diameter. It has a built-in silence feature and test button, a visual LED light to indicate the alarm with a standby function, and a wireless crystal controlled transmitter.

By installing a smoke detector, it will give the fire victim sufficient time to escape. However, it is vital to ensure that this is properly installed and maintained. Not only will the Security & Communication Warehouse team recommend the best suited solution, they will also gladly recommend an approved installer nearby.

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