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July 2014 News

Reditron recently hosted a series of breakfast seminars on a national scale. “The seminars are a way of reaching our client base in a direct one-on-one fashion while simultaneously providing them with valuable information on some of our leading product ranges,” said Mel Labuschagne, MD of Reditron.

The seminars took place in Cape Town at the River Club on the 14th May; in Durban at the Westville Country Club on the 20th May; in Johannesburg at The Wanderers Club on the 27th May; and lastly in Pretoria at the Leriba Hotel on the 29th May.

Reditron partnered with Dahua, Sony and Saflec for the seminars. Labuschagne continued, “Each brand had a new and beneficial product release that would give our clients the competitive edge. We were fortunate enough to have international representation present from Sony and Dahua, as well as local representation form Saflec at our seminars. This was backed up by a strong Reditron team presence at all the venues.”

Some of the senior management team from Reditron’s head office included Mel Labuschagne (MD), Rory Webber (national sales manager), Brian Wynberger (national technical manager) and Kershia Kistan (national marketing manager), were all present at each event as well as the majority of the local regional staff.

In addition to the actual seminar presentation, Reditron showcased a number of product displays from each of the featured ranges. Here is an overview of some of the technologies featured at the events:

Dahua: Dahua showcased its latest HDCVI technology as well as its Eco-Savvy range. HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface), is a solution for megapixel high definition applications, featuring non-latent long-distance transmission at a lower cost. The name has to do with its baseband and quadrature amplitude modulation technology, which is able to avoid CVBS cross talk, completely separate brightness and hue signal, and further enhances video quality.

The HDCVI solution incorporates both cameras and DVRs. The system is star topology structured – the DVR serves as a node for an over-coax P2P (point-to-point) transmission to the camera. The technology offers two specifications: 1080p (1920×1080) and 720p (1280×720). In addition, the technology features the Auto Signal Compensation (ASC) patent, which only allows an extremely low signal distortion along long-distance transmissions.

HDCVI composites video, audio, and control signals together and then transmits them over one coaxial cable thus simplifying installation.

The HDCVI solution can not only render smooth HD transmission during long-distance transmissions, but is also free from IP hassles; it also features a no-latency capability for real-time performance. With no need for compression processing to maintain its original video quality, it’s able to present good quality and vivid images. In comparison with other analogue systems, HDCVI has an advantage on the transmission distance front, as it can transmit 500 m by using 75-3 cable for general transmission media and features a low signal distortion rate.

Reditron also featured Dahua’s Eco-Savvy network camera series. The series (DH-IPC-5000/4000-series) offers a 1,3 MP, 2 MP as well as a 3 MP camera with diverse designs and sizes. The series features low consumption and low streaming, making this a stand-out product in power efficiency.

Sony: Sony reflected on its Generation 6 range. The key features that the Sony brand centred on was image quantity, extreme low-light sensitivity and the high frame rate of the new IPELA engine image sensor. Other features include Advanced Video Analytics, which provides video image analytics for improved face detection and rule-based alarm triggers.

The Generation 6 IP cameras incorporate improvements in core camera functionality, and are designed to provide imaging even in the most challenging security scenarios. The cameras combine powerful signal processing and video analytics technologies to enhance the performance of IP video security systems. Teamed with Sony’s Exmor CMOS image sensor, the IPELA ENGINE EX delivers the benefits of smoother moving pictures, excellent visibility in high-contrast scenes, clearer low-noise images even in low light, and improved face and object detection. In addition to setting new levels of camera performance, the unique IPELA ENGINE architecture also allows for unprecedented flexibility in developing new applications and refining or customising existing ones.

With Sony’s View-DR (dynamic range) technology, each Generation 6 model provides astounding detail even when imaging brightly backlit subjects. Noise reduction is significantly enhanced and low light sensitivity is increased to more than twice that of Sony’s previous pace-setting cameras. Maximum frame rates are doubled from 30 fps to 60 fps at both HD and Full HD resolution. This provides two benefits: firstly areas with a large amount of rapid motion will look even smoother; secondly, when a video is slowed down for frame-by-frame analysis the amount of detail available is doubled.

Saflec: Saflec gave an overview of its technology as well as its integration partners and custom system design speciality.

“The event gave Saflec the opportunity to present our product line to the existing Saflec clients and convert some Reditron clients who have never had any prior dealings with our product line. This sort of exposure is invaluable to the brand,” said Barend Keyser, sales manager for Saflec Systems.

“We also used the opportunity to display the two biometric products we integrate: Saflec offers seamless integration to all the Morpho Access and Virdi products. One of the attractions of the show was the Morpho Access Finger Vein reader. This reader offers ground-breaking multimodal biometric security for instances where the end user battles with bad quality fingerprints,” continued Keyser.

Saflec also currently integrates into Vicon products. This integration is currently being implemented at one of the large telecommunications companies, headquartered in Midrand.

Labuschagne concluded by saying that, ”Reditron looks to create opportunities like this to be able to further support our key brands and help our clients attain an advantage with quality, cost effective products.


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