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February 2014 Fire & Safety

The Centa Group’s range of fire protection equipment encompasses nearly 3000 fire protection line items and is designed to protect people and property from the devastating effects of a fire.

Its fire protective gear, which meets stringent quality and safety specifications, including National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) approval.

“Fire fighters are exposed to harsh conditions, often for long periods and need the protection of reliable clothing that can withstand the effects of elevated temperatures and thermal flux,” says Siva Govender, director, Centa Group. “The Centa Group’s range of fire protection clothing is designed to offer protection to fire fighters from thermal environments experienced during fire fighting.”

This fire protective gear encompasses durable bunker and arc flash suits, fire fighting boots, helmets, balaclavas, goggles and protective gloves. The fire fighting combat suits, which consist of a coat and pull-on strap trousers, are manufactured from four layers of fabric, ensuring optimum protection and enhanced comfort. The outer shell of the suit is a blended anti-tearing rip stop fabric of Nomex and Kevlar, with a moisture and thermal barrier quilted onto an aramid-FR viscose flame retardant lining.

The moisture barrier prevents the ingress of water, but allows through moisture, making the suit breathable and comfortable to wear. The thermal barrier offers flame and thermal protection. These suits have specially designed inner ribs and cuffs to prevent fire incursion. For added safety, retro-reflective sewing thread and trim enhances visibility.

Fire fighters’ helmets are manufactured from an integrated assembly of advanced materials and quality components for reliable protection, comfort and extended service life. These durable helmets are available in yellow, red, black and white.

Centa’s fire-fighting boots, with a vulcanised rubber upper and sole, have been air pressure tested to 50 kPa for water leakage. The steel toe cap has been tested to withstand an impact of 200 Joules and a compression of 15 000 Newtons. The steel midsole, which offers footstep protection against punctures, has a resistance of 1,5 million flexes without cracking.

Flame retardant compounds and leg and vamp linings with Kevlar Nomex materials for heat resistance, offer dependable protection to the wearer. The soles and heels of these boots are designed for oil, chemical, flame and abrasion resistance. There is also optional protection against electric shocks, where boots withstand 18 kV leaking current of less than 1 mA for one minute.

For enhanced comfort, these boots have a shin guard, ankle padding protection, and a built-in cushion sponge. The Centa Group’s fire safety equipment also includes first aid kits, heavy-duty emergency triangles and magnetic mount beacons.

For more information contact The Centa Group, +27 (0)31 569 1175,

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