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January 2014 Access Control & Identity Management, Residential Estate (Industry)

Comb Communications has been involved in supplying its smart access control system to many residential estates throughout South Africa. CEO Graham Wild said that the company’s locally designed and manufactured MK11 intercom system is the ideal solution for complexes where the resident wishes to remain responsible for allowing visitors to access the estate.

Manning the Comb display at Hi-Tech Security Solutions’ Estate Security Breakfast.
Manning the Comb display at Hi-Tech Security Solutions’ Estate Security Breakfast.

“In guarded communities you also have a problem that the guard will know exactly when the resident is on leave and the basic routine of a resident can also make them a target. By taking the access control element and making it more of a resident-driven responsibility, you are able to remove one possibly weak link in the chain,” said Wild.

Unauthorised entry remains a huge issue on residential estates and there is a pressing need to address and eliminate this bugbear. “Residents pay a premium for living in what should be deemed a secure environment. However, the system often fails at the first point of access – the main entrance. By providing residents with more autonomy in deciding who should be provided with the ability to enter the property, residents will be able to realise a return on their investment.”

It is not uncommon to find estates where residents’ homes have neither burglar bars nor alarm systems. This complacency is due to the false sense of reassurance that living in a so-called secure estate can engender. Unfortunately, if the security fails at the entrance to the estate, the door is literally open for criminals to indulge themselves at the cost of residents. It is therefore critical that residents take ownership of their access control.

“You need to ensure that your security personnel on an estate have the correct training and have a very good understanding of how to operate and implement security systems. Talk to the residents and find out what they deem important. Meetings to evaluate and audit processes will allow estate managers, together with the security management, to identify and resolve any issues timeously. You also always need to have a backup plan, should your primary system fail,” said Wild.

Community involvement plays a large role in the success of a residential security estate and regular patrolling, supplemented with appropriate technology will be a good deterrent to criminals. If a guard patrolling programme is instituted, one should seriously consider the incorporation of a suitable guard tracking system to ensure that the guards are completing their routes. This will provide feedback on the efficacy of the system and also safeguard the guard should he be attacked or subdued.

For more information, contact Comb Communications, +27 (0)11 089 5800, sales@comb-communications.com, www.comb-communications.com


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