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September 2012 Access Control & Identity Management

The ViRDI Smart-i biometric reader from Virdi Distribution is a solution for applications where a dedicated network is unavailable. Designed for use with Android mobile devices and iPhones, the Smart-i utilises iUNIS software to capture and manage system users.

“After demands from the market to address connectivity issues at remote locations, UNION Community set to work on the design and development of the Smart-i,” says Virdi Distribution’s product manager Chris Grauls.

“The Smart-i, when used in conjunction with Android mobile devices or iPhones, has all the functionality of a standard, networked biometric device. “When registering new people on the system, the operator controls the Smart-i from his tablet or iPhone, enrolling templates directly onto the device. These templates can then be captured by iUNIS and transferred to other Smart-i devices, dependent on specific on-site access permissions. A 1,3-megapixel camera allows for capture of transactions as they happen and the system can store up to 10 000 images.”

The Smart-i allows registration of up to 1000 users and 1000 templates and has a 1 000 000-transaction memory. Should an operator need to check on previous transactions, it is as simple as returning to the Smart-i access point in question and downloading the relevant data using iUNIS on the Android mobile devices or iPhone.

In addition to its wireless capabilities, the Smart-i can also be connected via Wi-Fi to the standard UNIS software for uploading or downloading of data. The unit has a touch keypad F1 to F4 and a built-in card reader, either standard 125 kHz Wiegand or Mifare.

The Smart-i works in conjunction with the ViRDI BLC-015 lock controller. “The BLC-015 is placed on the secure side of the door and controls access to the entrance point. Communication between the two units is conducted via 485,” Grauls said.

The Smart-i is IP65-rated for use in extreme outdoor climatic conditions. The unit has a diecast casing for durability and robustness, so maintenance is reduced to an absolute minimum, making it the ideal access control mechanism for remote locations.

Because all information is captured using a mobile device, the need for a dedicated keypad and LCD has been obviated in the Smart-i’s design. The beta version of this slimline biometric reader was launched at IFSEC 2012.

For more information contact Virdi Distribution, 086 118 4734,,


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