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The physical security provided by surveillance systems must rest on good cybersecurity practices. Video management systems handle sensitive data, personal information, and evidence. Whether your business runs a security system with a handful of cameras or it is an enterprise company with thousands of cameras monitoring sites across a multinational organisation, you must pay attention to cybersecurity.

Why? Without robust protections in place, your system could succumb to cyberattacks, lose vital data, and criminals could exploit sensitive information. Your company could be fined for non-compliance with industry standards or regional and international legislation. This is costly, both in the short- and long-term, and it can lead to your customers distrusting your company and taking their business elsewhere. However, prioritising cybersecurity is not just about avoiding negative consequences.

Business benefits of cybersecurity

Implementing cybersecurity measures that protect you, your customers, your brand, and your data, benefits your business.

The first step, as a consumer, is performing due diligence. Educate yourself on the risks and benefits of the type of solution you are selecting so that you can make an informed decision. If you are considering using a

cloud-based solution, find out what measures the provider takes to protect your data and their data centres. Are their cybersecurity responsibilities made clear in the terms of the contract? How will your data be used? Whatever the type of surveillance system you are investigating, research the manufacturer or service provider.

Can they provide documentation that delineates their approach to cybersecurity, the procedures they follow to identify and address system vulnerabilities, rigorous testing processes, and their compliance with regional and international industry standards? Providers need to comply with relevant industry standards and legislation, enforce security and data protect measures, and provide resources to inform and support their customers.

It is also essential for your company to invest in resources and personnel to maintain network security and implement a sound cybersecurity policy. Your team should follow audit procedures to identify risks and keep up-to-date with best practices and industry standards. With a strong cybersecurity policy that is followed in all departments and business units, your company will be well-positioned to mitigate risk and partner with manufacturers that value security and data protection.

Vendors must prioritise cybersecurity

With all of this in mind, it is clear that a solid cybersecurity approach must include choosing the right product to manage your surveillance system. Finding a company that incorporates cybersecurity into every stage of product development and manufacturing is paramount. At Cathexis, cybersecurity is built into every step of the development process, making the CathexisVision VMS an ideal choice for any customer who wants a surveillance system they can trust.

Cryptographic techniques ensure system integrity, secure communication, and data protection. Encryption for external site connections, network channels and IP camera connections are encrypted and protected, login credentials are validated using secure public key methods, and the integrity of data is verified. These measures make the product stable and secure.

System administrators are further empowered to ensure cybersecurity through several tools available in CathexisVision. Administrators can restrict camera views, password-protect archives to control playback, watermark footage, create bookmarks that cannot be overwritten, and limit access rights at a granular level. Files can be exported to only be played via our proprietary archive viewer, adding a further layer of security.

At Cathexis, our cybersecurity approach extends to the support and resources we offer our customers and partners. We aim to empower our customers with up-to-date, accurate product information and comprehensive, clear documentation in order to alert them to changes in the video surveillance landscape that could impact their cybersecurity strategies.

Prioritising cybersecurity is not a once-off action. It is a sustained practice that should infuse every aspect of your business to protect the company now, and in the future. Sound cybersecurity policies also involve choosing the right products to manage key systems in your business – and that means partnering with trustworthy providers and manufacturers.

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