Five efficiency strategies for your security installation business

April 2024 News & Events

Securex South Africa 2024 showcases the products and services of leading security manufacturers and providers. Taking place from 11 to 13 June at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, with co-located A-OSH EXPO, Facilities Management Expo, and Firexpo 2024, Securex South Africa serves as Africa’s largest conduit for the sharing of security trends and best practices.

“We have numerous highly knowledgeable exhibitors who freely disseminate information that will aid the market in making the right choices when it comes to security. These same exhibitors also provide advice to fellow exhibitors to assist them in growing their businesses and remaining competitive in the market. A recent conversation with one of our Securex South Africa 2024 exhibitors led to us being able to share his advice on helping security installers to make their businesses more efficient,” says Mark Anderson, Portfolio Director at Specialised Exhibitions (a division of Montgomery Group).

“In South Africa, the demand for security installation services is on the rise. Speaking to hundreds of customers a month we know first-hand that operating a security installation business can be challenging — especially when it comes to managing customers, people, processes, and technology efficiently. Margins are in constant focus, whether you are discounting to win business or looking to increase profit. Here are five strategies that you can implement to improve your operational efficiency and increase your profitability,” says Charles Freedman, CEO of ServCraft.

1. Streamline your processes

Streamlining your process involves identifying inefficiencies in your current operations, and finding ways to eliminate them. Start by mapping out your process on a board from the moment a customer reaches out to the moment they pay. Bring the team together to challenge each other on what can be cut or consolidated. Think about the controls you need and your customer experience. You may want to consider automating certain tasks or using technology to improve your workflows. Streamlining your processes can save time and money, reduce errors, and improve customer satisfaction.

2. Invest in your people

Your people are your business. Making sure they have the right skills and tools to work smarter, and not harder, is a key lever for improving operational efficiency. This could include providing your teams with regular training on new technologies and products and offering leadership and management training for your managers. While it is important the team knows the technical elements of security installation — ask yourself, who (besides you), is thinking about how to run a better business. Investing in people improves their skills and knowledge, reduces turnover, and increases productivity.

3. Embrace technology

This one should be obvious in a world where ChatGPT is passing MBA exams, and we are sending people to Mars. By embracing technology, you can automate your processes, improve your communication with customers, and increase your efficiency. You may want to consider using job management software tools to manage your jobs, track your inventory, and analyse your efficiency. Accounting software helps you make sure you are making money and not losing money on jobs and across your business. Payment portals help you get paid faster. FYI, using emails and WhatsApp is not embracing technology.

4. Focus on quality assurance

Getting it right the first time saves you from doing it a second time. Building checks and controls in your processes will reduce the risk of your teams getting it wrong and customers getting upset. Your business is built on trust. Quality assurance can include regular quality checks, customer surveys, and feedback mechanisms. By focusing on quality assurance, you can improve your reputation, reduce rework, and increase customer loyalty.

5. Build strong relationships with suppliers

It is impossible to stay on top of all the developments in security hardware and be an expert on everything. By developing long-term partnerships with your suppliers, you can benefit from their expertise and experience, as well as their economies of scale. This can help you reduce costs, improve delivery times, and ensure access to the latest technologies and products.

Organisations wishing to exhibit at Securex South Africa 2024 can contact the Securex South Africa team at [email protected] to book a space or capitalise on a sponsorship opportunity.


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