Nology races to end 2023

January 2024 Editor's Choice, News & Events, Infrastructure

Nology ended 2023 with an event highlighting its various products and services to the local market, followed by a few laps around the Kyalami Indoor Karting track.

The company, part of Epsidon Technology Holdings, has been operating for 22 years as a converged IP solutions provider and works with several ISPs and network operators in southern Africa. It distributes a range of brands and offers value-added services and solutions, including managed services, warehousing and logistics, customisation and pre-configuration, and technical advice and support.

Its solutions range from connected home offerings like Wi-Fi, backup power and IoT systems, to enterprise networking and unified communications, connectivity solutions such as LTE, and managed services in cooperation with F-Secure.

Several brands and products were highlighted during the event, starting with Bluetti, a provider of household energy solutions that has been in business since 2009. The company boasts 100 000 m2 of factory space in which it manufactures its products, which are distributed globally.

Its power storage products include portable, home, and commercial inverters, power supplies, solar panels, and accessories for any application requiring off-grid power. These devices can all be managed via the Bluetti Smart app, including viewing the real-time status of your devices and even updating the firmware.

Up next was Yealink, a global provider of unified communications terminal solutions. Established in 2001, Yealink is among the top UC providers globally. Its vast range of products includes desktop SIP phones, DECT IP phones and base stations, and headsets, from wired to wireless. It also provides video conferencing solutions.

Nology also represents 3CX, a developer and supplier of VoIP solutions, specifically an open (hardware agnostic) PBX solution that provides everything an organisation will need concerning unified communications in and out of the office – including cloud solutions. Call4Tell is a 3CX partner that develops and manufactures PBX appliances powered by 3CX. It manufactures IP phones, intercoms, PBXs, communication headsets, PoE switches, conferencing phones, and webcams.

No stranger to SMART Security Solutions readers, Nology also represents DNAKE, a SIP-based Android/Linux video door phone solutions provider to secure and manage building access control. Its range of solutions includes outdoor stations, intercoms, and related indoor monitors that support voice or video access control.

Keeping the packets flowing

Another well-known name is Zyxel, which has over three decades of experience in the networking world. Going back in time, Zyxel launched the world's first integrated 3-in-1 data/fax/voice modem in 1992. It currently supplies a range of unmanaged, web-managed, and smart-managed switches to markets of all sizes and access points, including Wi-Fi 6E. Zyxel also supplies Nebula, a cloud-based management platform for its products that provides a real-time overview of products and their performance to ensure optimal network performance.

Nology has other products in its extensive portfolio, and it demonstrated its ability to create custom solutions by ending the presentations by designing a unified communications solution from multiple products, covering power backup, switching, PBX, desktop phones, visitor access control and more.

After the working part of the event was completed, the karting experience took up the rest of the day.

For more information, contact Nology, +27 10 824 0040, [email protected],

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