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Issue 7 2023 Access Control & Identity Management

Civil engineering work, such as digging up roads or pathways to install in-ground sensors, can cause significant disruption to daily operations. It can lead to traffic delays, property damage, and inconveniences for residents or visitors. It is also expensive. Above-ground vehicle detection solutions are emerging as the perfect alternative.

Vehicle detection is primarily used alongside automated gates and barriers, but its applications are expanding. It is now playing a larger role in efficiently handling parking areas, semi-pedestrian zones with rising bollards, and even optimising drive-through services by signalling when a customer’s vehicle is approaching.

Alternative to the disruption and cost of ground-loops

Commonly, ground loops (or magnetic loops) have been a reliable vehicle-detecting solution. However, because they are buried underground, installation is both highly disruptive and costly. Across a number of locations, site requirements do not allow for digging – such as resin-bound driveways or stone pavements – or civil engineering is not permitted – such as car parks with post-tensioned concrete. Another challenge for many sites is that due to the environment or terrain, in-ground sensors are susceptible to wear and tear, leading to frequent maintenance requirements.

Above-ground detectors are becoming the convenient alternative to ground loops. The non-invasive nature of above-ground systems means that they can be installed with minimal disruption. Whether it is a busy commercial complex or a quiet residential neighbourhood, there is no need to tear up the ground, ensuring that normal activities can continue without excessive interruption during installation.

In a similar way, their elevated positioning (if installed on a pole or barrier) helps protect them from environmental factors, reducing the risk of damage, and in the event that maintenance is needed, it can be performed swiftly and without the need for extensive excavation work, ensuring minimal downtime.

Introducing OVS-02GT

The OVS-02GT vehicle detection sensor is the newest member of OPTEX’s vehicle sensor range, also known as ‘Virtual Loop’, and offers reliable motion detection of cars, trucks, vans, and other motorised vehicles using microwave technology. It complements the sensor range with increased performance, extended detection range and easy installation and maintenance, thanks to configuration via a smartphone app.

The sensor is an ideal ground loop replacement as it can be used in situations where groundwork is not possible, as it is easy to install above-ground on a wall, pole, or barrier housing. It operates both indoors and outdoors and provides accurate and reliable performance, detecting vehicles of all types or materials in short and long-range within its coverage field of 8 m and wide-angle adjustment of 95 degrees. It provides a reliable and efficient activation of gates and barriers and is unaffected by weather, ground movement, or pedestrian traffic.

It detects stationary or moving vehicles up to 35 km/h. Thanks to a double output, it can activate multiple devices at once, like the automatic barriers, gates, and doors and simultaneously, a signalling light or ticketing machine.

For more information, contact OPTEX, [email protected], www.optex-europe.com


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