Securing data centres and control rooms

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As technology continues to evolve, the demand for data centres and control rooms to store and manage digital information is at an all-time high. These facilities play a crucial role in safeguarding sensitive business data and ensuring the seamless operation of critical systems. However, the rise in cyber threats and physical security risks has raised concerns about how companies can effectively protect these vital infrastructures. In this article, we explore security solutions implemented by companies to ensure the safety and efficiency of their data centres and control rooms.

The challenge of securing data centres

Data centres are no longer remote and isolated entities, as they are now connected to the world through high-bandwidth links. This connectivity opens up potential vulnerabilities, making data centres attractive targets for cybercriminals seeking to exploit weaknesses in security protocols. Additionally, unreliable utility services in certain regions pose further risks to data centres’ operation and security.

Tarryn Fortune.

To mitigate these risks effectively, companies are adopting multi-layered security approaches that address both physical and cyber threats. Gallagher’s Command Centre integrates various security features, such as access control, intruder alarm management, perimeter security, and business policy execution. This central management platform allows companies to have complete control over their data centre’s security measures.

Intelligent access control

Access control is a critical aspect of securing data centres and control rooms. Companies utilise advanced technologies like biometric access and two-factor authentication to ensure only authorised personnel have access. Command Centre’s capabilities enable efficient management of workforce compliance and safety, providing proof of compliance through accurate auditing and reporting.

Gallagher’s integrated solutions enable enhanced site monitoring and situational awareness, supported by video management systems and integrations. By combining physical and logical access permissions and implementing advanced perimeter security solutions, companies can efficiently detect and deter unauthorised access attempts.

Streamlining operations

Efficient reporting capabilities within Command Centre help organisations prove compliance with regulations and streamline operations. Integration with Active Directory eliminates data duplication and minimises errors when managing access requirements.

While external threats are a significant concern, companies must also address the risk of malicious insiders. Proper access control measures, including anti-passback and anti-tailgating features, help prevent unauthorised access and misuse of data centre resources.

Balancing security and fire safety

Fire safety is a crucial aspect of data centre security, but fire escapes cannot be locked for legal reasons. Implementing a robust access control system that manages permissions effectively helps ensure that the right individuals have access to critical areas, reducing the likelihood of security breaches.

Data centres and control rooms are vital assets that require comprehensive security solutions to protect against physical and cyber threats. Companies that are investing in multi-layered security strategies, utilising advanced access control technologies, and integrating various security systems are ensuring the safety and efficiency of their operations. By implementing solutions like Gallagher’s Command Centre, organisations can confidently secure their data centres from curb to core, safeguarding critical assets and ensuring uninterrupted operations for all stakeholders.

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