Facial recognition from live cameras

Issue 6 2023 Government and Parastatal (Industry)

Secutel Technologies has partnered with and integrated its technologies with those from NEC XON to offer a comprehensive 98%-plus accurate facial solution to market. NEC specialises in AI and machine learning and is able to provide an algorithm to extract facial images from live video.

The need for accurate and live facial recognition is an important consideration for safe and smart city surveillance systems. NEC XON and Secutel have partnered with leaders in the security industry and ensured they use a database that has been vetted, allowing customers to use the database with NEC XON’s edge-based facial extraction software from live camera feeds. Any positive identification of a Person of Interest (POI) with the use of NEC XON’s facial recognition allows for immediate notification inside the security operations centre (SOC), where the required standard operating procedure (SOP) will be followed.

NeoFace Watch can be incorporated within existing systems and allows for a variety of government institutions or departments to share their database information on one NeoFace Platform with the new NEXUS module. This will also allow private security companies to share their databases of known perpetrators, and with this platform, private and public institutions can work together to fight the war against criminals by making use of surveillance platforms and a facial recognition system that has been tested and successfully deployed in various African countries.

The Secutel portfolio includes (SAAS) software-as-a-service as well as edge-based options for its biometric solutions. This will help to simplify the integration periods for customer installation and enrolment, and reduce the introductory costs that may be prohibitive for customers that operate smaller scale businesses, but want robust biometric authentication services.


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