Key management for securing critical infrastructure

Issue 2/3 2023 Access Control & Identity Management

Physical keys are often the only way to access critical assets and secure areas within a facility. As such, the security of these keys must be top priority for any organisation seeking to protect its assets and ensure the safety amd security of its employees and facilities. Unfortunately, many organisations fail to take the necessary precautions to secure their physical keys, putting themselves at risk of theft, loss, or unauthorised access to sensitive areas.

The risks associated with an unsecured critical asset are significant. A lost or stolen key can allow unauthorised individuals to access secure areas and critical assets. This can result in theft, damage, or even harm to employees. In the worst-case scenario, an unsecured critical asset can become a security breach, putting sensitive information or infrastructure at risk.

The costs associated with an unsecured critical asset are also substantial. The replacement of a lost or stolen key can be a time-consuming and expensive process, requiring the re-keying of locks and the replacement of keys. This process can result in significant downtime and can be an ongoing expense if the keys are not secured properly. Additionally, if a critical asset is stolen, the cost of replacement, and any damage to the asset, can be substantial.

The value of a secure electronic key management system (key management) for managing access to critical keys cannot be overstated. An intelligent key management system provides organisations with the tools they need to secure their critical assets, minimise downtime, and reduce the risk of theft or loss.

How can an electronic key management system help keep critical assets secure?

Real-time tracking of key access: A secure key management system provides real-time tracking of who has access to what keys and when, allowing organisations to monitor key usage and detect and prevent unauthorised access.

Elimination of manual processes: A secure key management system eliminates the need for manual processes, such as manual key sign-out sheets, reducing the risk of errors and improving efficiency.

Quick and easy key management: A secure key management system allows organisations to quickly and easily update or change key access permissions, without the need to re-key locks.

Real-time reporting and analytics: A secure key management system provides real-time reporting and analytics, allowing organisations to make informed decisions about their key management processes.

Seamless integration with existing security systems: A secure key management system can be integrated with existing security systems, providing a seamless solution that meets an organisation’s specific security needs.

Configuration options for different departments: A secure key management system can be configured to meet the needs of different departments within an organisation, providing each department with the level of security and access control they require.

Cost savings: A secure key management system can significantly reduce the time and cost required for key management, including the replacement of lost or stolen keys, and can minimise downtime caused by lost or stolen keys.

Uninterrupted up time: With the constant load shedding in South Africa, it is imperative that critical solutions are always on. A built-in lithium-ion battery backup solves the risk of any down time associated to power outages.

The safeguarding of critical infrastructure is paramount in ensuring its assets, the public, the employees and facilities stay protected. A secure key management system provides organisations with the tools they need to secure their critical assets, minimise downtime, and reduce the risk of theft or loss. Whether it is for access control to secure areas, tracking of equipment, or ensuring that sensitive information is secure, a secure key management system provides organisations with the peace of mind they need to manage their assets with confidence.

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