Smart car parking solution eases traffic flow

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Ethiopia’s first smart parking lot, designed to improve traffic flow and management efficiency, has been built and installed using Dahua Technology’s smart parking solutions.

Meskel Square is a historic site in Addis Ababa used for public gatherings and festivals, which was redeveloped in 2021 to include a 1400-space underground car park and, a range of retail facilities.

The car park operator’s objectives were to reduce the need for cumbersome manual entry, payment and exit procedures which held up traffic, causing long queues and requiring many security personnel to administer. In addition, the lack of an integrated system resulted in poor efficiency, ineffective and inflexible charging systems, and no effective supervision and recording of charges, leading to unfortunate loss and even complaints from visitors.

Dahua’s smart parking solutions, installed by Anhui Antai Technology, include entrance and exit cameras, intercoms and barriers, intelligent parking guidance, video surveillance and a unified software platform.

Features of the installation

• Powerful AI algorithm: Fast automatic Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS), ANPR, seamless entry and exit, and parking space guidance provide a logical and seamless flow of Entry–Park–Pay–Find Car–Exit to ensure safety and improve efficiency.

• Complete parking solution: The comprehensive solution includes entrances and exits, UVSS, parking toll systems, parking guidance, and a CCTV control and monitoring centre, which helps operators improve the security, safety, and management of the facility. The system has helped to find one lost government vehicle and detect two thefts.

• Advanced technology: Accurate and reliable parking toll system ensures reliable parking income, helps the operator file tax returns quickly and effectively, and facilitates better and more efficient commercial operation.

Dahua’s parking solutions integrate ANPR with video analytics, enabling automatic entry and exit without human intervention. Vehicle way-finding and location systems are embedded to enhance users’ experience.

The smart parking lot provides a stress-free and seamless experience for visitors, eliminating unnecessary delays and the need to search for vacant spaces. The system also enables drivers to quickly, and easily, locate their vehicles on their return and to enter, pay and exit the parking lot without paper tickets.

Innovative parking products installed include 280 of Dahua’s parking space detection cameras, which detect both the status of three parking spaces and when unauthorised vehicles are parked in restricted spaces, and 43 indoor LED screens which display red/green arrows in three directions and up to nine digits.

Satisfying results

The project has significantly improved the monitoring quality in the parking lot. During the project delivery, one of the new project cars of the admin was stolen. The new system’s ANPR and smart searching functions successfully helped the admin located the video footage when the car exited the parking lot and allowed the vehicle to be retrieved within the day.


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