Two cases of cyber resilience

Issue 8 2022 Editor's Choice

A healthcare cloud service provider (CSP) detected that it had an urgent need to increase the speed of data protection and backup performance, reduce opex and capex, and improve cyber storage resilience, while meeting the stringent healthcare requirements for data protection and backup datasets.

By migrating to a newer version of Infinidat’s InfiniGuard platform for modern data protection and backup deployments, this CSP was able to triple the number of backups per day, achieve double-digit cost savings, and meet all the requirements for disaster recovery and business continuity. It also managed to significantly elevate cyber storage resilience, integrated as part of secondary storage, with InfiniSafe.

After this CSP had switched from its legacy vendor to Infinidat, and deployed the first-generation InfiniGuard modern data protection and backup appliance, the company realised it had reached full capacity and needed to upgrade. The leadership team wanted faster backup and restore times, while also deepening integration with their modern data protection and backup ISV – Commvault – and significantly enhancing cyber storage protection by injecting a strong dose of cyber resilience into their storage infrastructure.

Secure and reliable solution

This healthcare CSP chose to use two InfiniGuard appliances across two locations, along with introducing InfiniSafe for cyber protection. InfiniGuard delivers unmatched backup and lightning-fast recovery performance, at scale, and is enhanced by InfiniSafe cyber storage resilience technologies. Infinidat’s modern data protection and cyber resilience solutions, InfiniGuard and InfiniSafe, play an essential role in an organisation’s cybersecurity strategy.

The impact of InfiniGuard and InfiniSafe was phenomenal. This healthcare CSP can now deliver 90 000 backups per day with faster backup performance – up from 30 000 backups per day prior to getting its InfiniGuard platforms. It achieved 40% cost savings with Infinidat solutions, compared to its previous vendor. With InfiniGuard in two different data centres, this CSP met disaster recovery and business continuity requirements, and, with InfiniSafe, it added a dimension to its cybersecurity strategy that created a comprehensive cyber storage resilience solution. It was also able to use deep integration with Commvault’s data protection and backup software, leveraging Infinidat’s ever-expanding ecosystem of partners and integrations.

Cyber resilience and cost savings for energy utility

An energy utility company located in EMEA managed to reduce risks for its business by consolidating modern data protection and backup platforms in a multi-vendor environment and eliminating recovery failures. To accomplish this, the company turned to Infinidat for modern data protection with Infinidat’s InfiniGuard solution, giving it the capabilities to dramatically simplify the operation of its complex data protection and backup environment, boost cyber resilience, and unlock cost savings that had been previously unavailable to the energy utility.

The energy utility was hampered by the extreme complexity and cost of managing 14 purpose-built backup appliances, which also proved to be unreliable. Recovery failures kept happening, creating unnecessary risk for the organisation. The IT leadership team recognised the need to consolidate, to address the multiple points of failure and to reduce capex and opex. They required a single, consolidated platform with support for heterogeneous ISV data protection software for server and endpoint backups. They also wanted a platform with the highest data protection and backup/recovery performance, coupled with a five-year retention capacity.

Securing successful recovery

This energy utility company replaced the 14 existing backup appliances from a different vendor with two modern InfiniGuard data protection platforms from Infinidat. InfiniGuard not only provided the support for Veritas NetBackup and Commvault environments that the utility company needed, but it also provided the ability to ensure the successful recovery of data.

The transition to InfiniGuard renewed the IT leaders’ confidence in data protection and backup/recovery capabilities for both environments. No recovery failures occurred with InfiniGuard at all. It also dramatically cut costs and complexity, allowing the customer to achieve a 40% reduction in total cost of ownership over the 5-year period compared to the previous multiple-appliance environment.

Consolidating from 14 to only two backup systems reduced capex, while simplifying the management of the backup environment lowered opex. The customer was also happy about being able to meet its five-year retention requirement. Ultimately, adopting InfiniGuard reduced risk to the business, fuelling customer satisfaction.

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