New R2 billion Pick n Pay super distribution centre

Issue 7 2022 Access Control & Identity Management, Products & Solutions, Commercial (Industry)

Flow Systems Manufacturers was selected to be part of the security infrastructure at the new Pick n Pay inland distribution centre. With a coverage area of 36 ha, the site requires high-quality access control barriers to control the flow of vehicles and people.

Founded in 1975 and manufacturing an extensive range of access control barriers, Flow Systems was able to supply a solution to ensure safety and authorised access of people in and around the massive property. The property will house three main warehouses, three attenuation ponds and upwards of 20 sundry buildings, including the main office block.

A large number of Flow Systems industrial double turnstiles will be installed on the property. Flow Systems full-height industrial turnstiles are designed for maximum impenetrability to automatically guide personnel in and out of secure areas. Industrial turnstiles manufactured, installed and serviced by Flow Systems provide the desired security and reliability to property owners.

Flow Systems waist-height turnstiles will also be installed as an addition to the project. These turnstiles for the industrial and prestige markets are made to the same robust and styling standards as the industrial and prestige full-height turnstiles. The design, functionality and reliability of the turnstiles give businesses peace of mind knowing that systems are well integrated. Flow Systems’ team of experts will design and manufacture to specifications, with installation and maintenance being coordinated to ensure minimal disruption.


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