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Fotech has launched two next-generation Helios DAS systems. Fotech’s DAS technology turns fibre-optic cables into thousands of sensors to enable continuous, uninterrupted and real-time monitoring around the clock.

The new Helios DAS TL4 (single-channel) and Helios DAS TX4 (dual-channel) interrogators deliver lower false alarm rates and enhanced monitoring and incident detection. They incorporate new machine learning capabilities which allow for faster, cost-effective and more systematic deployment of solutions in long, linear assets such as pipelines and perimeters.

Pedro Barbosa, senior product manager at Fotech, says, “The new Helios DAS TL4 and Helios DAS TX4 interrogators take monitoring of pipelines, critical infrastructure and perimeters to the next level. The machine learning that is built into them means they deliver exceptional accuracy with a much-reduced false alarm rate. As a result, users have extremely high confidence in alarms, and don’t waste precious time or resources investigating false alarms.”

The new Helios DAS TL4 and Helios DAS TX4 include Nvidia GPU-accelerated computing to provide advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and edge computing capabilities, which enables them to process data in real time – much more quickly than previous systems. In turn, this speed enables faster deployment in the field, ensuring that accidental or malicious threats are dealt with quickly.

Users benefit from both single and dual channels so they have access to valuable data over distances of up to 100 km from one unit.

The two new products are smaller and lighter than previous versions, weighing only 13 kg. They can be handled and installed easily by one person and take up less space in racks. The new Helios interrogators have a lower power requirement compared to older versions (165 W), so users save on energy costs.

The user interface on both new versions is easy to navigate, with quick-access menus and increased screen space. It boasts enhanced system health reporting and diagnostics, and improved streaming, logging and playback functions.

Barbosa concludes, “Our next-generation Helios DAS TL4 and Helios DAS TX4 interrogators offer the best user experience to date. This is a solution for any organisation needing remote, continuous asset monitoring with high accuracy in even the most challenging and remote locations, from oil and gas pipelines to perimeter protection.”

For more information about Fotech’s next-generation Helios DAS TX4 and TL4 visit

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