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Estates see a large number of visitors arriving for different purposes. The visitors include suppliers, customers, potential new hires, sales representatives, guests, employees’ relatives, and sometimes completely unknown people. The number of people entering the premises could result in security or reception personnel struggling to see and monitor everyone who has entered the premises.

For the safety and enhanced security of an estate, it is imperative to keep track of all the people who have entered and exited the premises. Organisations could have various kinds of visitors, some who are occasional and others who visit regularly. Since some organisations use a manual-based method to track visitors, this could lead to a database filled with inaccurate information or valuable information being lost. Hence, the manual data recording method for visitors must be replaced with an automated system.

To overcome this challenge, Matrix COSEC Visitor Management has been designed to address the challenges faced with manual data recording which does not compromise the security or productivity. The Matrix Visitor Management module automates the process of registering a visitor, printing a pass, and capturing detailed information in a few seconds.

To avoid unauthorised people from entering the premises and to save time, the host must pre-register the visitor. Matrix COSEC Visitor Management System offers a pre-registration page where the host can enter visitor details, including name, organisation, purpose, date, time, etc. This advanced feature helps the host to create a pass before the actual visit takes place.

The automated Matrix visitor system can provide the relevant personnel with a live dashboard, which gives an overview of all the visitors in a graphical format. It gives live data of visitors who are inside the premises, the status of visitor passes, pre-registered visitors, new visitors, etc., saving administrative time through a swift check-in process.


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