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Technoswitch supplies an extensive range of trusted fire suppression solutions for various applications.

Indoor applications

The BlazeCut C-Series automatic DLP fire suppression systems use Novec 1230 clean agent to suppress Class A, B and C fires in indoor applications. The DLP system operates by detecting fire and applying the agent using a detection tube fastened to a cylinder valve. The detection tube is placed in the protected enclosure and is under constant pressure. In case of fire the detection tube degrades by the effect of fire or high temperature. When the detection tube is disrupted, the agent is released through the created hole. Typical applications would include CNC machines, server racks and electrical cabinets.

In-cabinet applications

BlazeCut T-Series effectively suppresses fires in a wide range of enclosures, from compact electrical enclosures to small motor vehicle engine bays. The stand-alone system automatically detects higher temperatures and releases the HFC-227ea clean agent stored inside the heat-sensitive tube onto the source of the fire.

Commercial kitchens

Fire is an ever-present danger in restaurants, yet it is often difficult for small- to medium-sized commercial kitchens to find the right fire suppression system. The TRIPLESTAR Automatic Fire Suppression System is cost-effective, compact and easy to install; placed outside the exhaust duct, above the cooking zone, it delivers fast and efficient fire detection and suppression. The range offers option sizes to protect the kitchen hood and up to eight cooking zones.

Engine compartments

FireDETEC Compact Line is a complete fire detection and suppression system designed to protect engine compartments (buses, trains, agricultural and heavy vehicles, etc.) against fire. In the event of an engine fire, the Compact Line system will ensure passenger safety by extinguishing the fire and avoiding any re-ignition while keeping material damage to a minimum. The 4-, 7- and 12-litre system options accommodate vehicle engines of any size and are robust to withstand vibrations.

Enclosed special hazards

Stat-X Fire Suppression is an advanced aerosol technology that protects enclosed special hazards in a variety of industries. The aerosol generators are virtually maintenance-free and have a UL-approved service life of 15-years. This, coupled with their low installation cost, makes them an extremely cost-effective long-term fire protection suppression solution. Typical applications include electrical cabinets, wind turbine nacelles, energy storage system (ESS) and battery energy storage systems (BESS).


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