Computer vision-based access control device

Issue 2 2022 Access Control & Identity Management

SAFR SCAN is Real Networks’ first integrated hardware-software product. It delivers a combination of facial recognition, computer vision and image capture technologies to meet an extremely broad range of mainstream access control and workforce management applications for commercial use.

This touchless biometrics solution has been designed to seamlessly integrate into a wide variety of access control environments in order to create a compelling, reliable and contactless alternative that is much more secure, reliable and accurate than keycard-based systems. Engineered for use in both indoor and outdoor environments, SAFR Scan incorporates custom hardware designed around SAFR – Real Network’s fast, highly reliable, low bias and compact computer vision platform.

Designed as a stand-alone or networked solution, SAFR SCAN delivers fast, frictionless throughput capable of authenticating up to 30 individuals per minute.

“To ensure personal privacy, all enrolled and scanned biometric data is fully encrypted and does not contain any visual imagery of individuals’ faces. For added physical security, SAFR SCAN features anti-spoofing technology employing 3D structured light and RGB to best ensure the liveness of the individual being authenticated,” says Clifton Greeff, national surveillance business manager at Duxbury Networking, local distributors of Real Networks technology.

Some key features of the SAFR SCAN include:

• Works indoors and outdoors in extreme lighting and environmental conditions.

• Works with masks.

• Authenticates users in seconds.

• 20 000 user capacity.

• Two-way audio for intercom and voice reminders.

• Easy integration with Wiegand and OSDP compatibility.

• Embedded algorithm for fast and accurate operation.

• Self-enrolment for users.

• Touchless access to doors.

• Real-time reporting and auditing.

• Grant/revoke access instantly.

• People counting.

“SAFR SCAN delivers high levels of identification and authentication capabilities for new and emerging physical security, workforce management and health-safety applications at an exceptional price point that will be attractive to large organisations as well as SMMEs,” says Greeff.


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