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A new release of the edge-based AXIS Perimeter Defender intrusion detection analytics now supports AI-based human and vehicle classifications for perimeter protection use cases. The new functionality, when combined with calibration, ensures minimal false alarms.

“AXIS Perimeter Defender reinforces physical access controls to give you an edge where security starts – at the perimeter of your site. Together with Axis cameras, it provides an effective edge-based system that automatically detects and responds to people and vehicles intruding on your property. When combined with thermal and PTZ cameras, it’s suitable even for high-security locations,” says Clifton Greeff, national surveillance business manager at Duxbury Networking.

The AI-based functionality is relevant for the new AXIS Q1951-E/AXIS Q1952-E thermal cameras. It gives these camera users three different ways of implementing the analytics application, in standard calibration mode, AI mode without calibration, or combined calibration and AI mode for minimal false alarms. All other cameras compatible with AXIS Perimeter Defender will have access to only the standard calibration mode.

“With the combination of Axis pan-tilt-zoom cameras and Axis Horn speakers, installers can offer their clients a full solution that assists with deterrence, as well as identifying potential breaches,” says Greeff.

AXIS Perimeter Defender provides the elements you need for a fully integrated, scalable and effective perimeter protection system. Its software comprises an edge-based intrusion detection analytics app for outdoor fixed cameras, an optional PTZ auto-tracking app for PTZ cameras and an efficient PC-based installation program that covers both apps. AXIS Perimeter Defender’s Design Tool helps ensure success by enabling proper planning for camera installations at a site.

AXIS Perimeter Defender analytics can trigger an alarm using multiple detection scenarios based on predefined intrusion zones, zone crossing, conditional zone crossing and loitering. It minimises false alarms by ignoring variable illumination, swaying vegetation and fast-moving shadows on the ground. It offers functions that help filter out alarms caused by headlights, insects and water on a camera lens. The app also supports burnt-in metadata overlays, such as for people and vehicles, to help users visually verify alarms.

“The app integrates with the camera’s event management functions and is compatible with a lot of video management software – so you can program automatic responses to alarm triggers. Automatically playing a message from loudspeakers or turning on lights helps scare off intruders. Sending emails and live video notifies guards to take action. Sending and recording video-only-on-alarm makes reviews and searches easier and reduces bandwidth and storage needs,” says Greeff.

AXIS Perimeter Defender Bridge to Milestone XProtect is a free plug-in that enables Milestone XProtect video management software to connect directly with AXIS Perimeter Defender analytics for event streaming, bookmarking events in a video stream and retrieving metadata.


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