Contactless biometric access control

Issue 1 2022 Access Control & Identity Management, Products

The Covid-19 pandemic created substantial disruption and brought the world to a standstill. In the two years that has passed since the virus was first detected, we have adjusted to a ‘new normal’ where the need to wear facemasks, test regularly, social distance and disinfect surfaces are a part of everyday life.

Touchless technologies are paramount in limiting the spread of pandemics. Since 2019, the security industry’s need for contactless access control devices has accelerated. Today, innovations allowing contactless fingerprint and facial recognition technologies are replacing current security systems, thus reshaping the industry and enabling corporate security departments and their suppliers (consultants, system integrators, etc.) to adopt new attitudes and expectations.

While the pandemic may have influenced the rapid adoption of touchless technologies, at IDEMIA, we believe that contactless biometric-powered access control technology is the way forward – delivering unmatched security as well as a frictionless user experience during the pandemic and beyond.

Solving every day security challenges

Looking beyond the pandemic, contactless biometric devices address the everyday challenges faced within the security industry. For security directors, managers and their ecosystem of partners, being able to authenticate and verify users with legitimate access securely while adhering to privacy and data protection regulations is essential. When it comes to authentication, the use of biometric technology is very reliable and enables a high level of security. Contactless biometric solutions are also fast, meeting the needs of high throughput buildings or work places. This key aspect increases user convenience, allowing people to avoid queues, which is a key advantage at peak times.

Latest generations of contactless biometric access control devices

Throughout 2021, the demand for contactless technologies remained very high and this upward trend is expected to continue. For this reason, IDEMIA launched a new generation of MorphoWave, a contactless fingerprint terminal that scans and verifies a user in less than one second through a quick and simple hand wave gesture. As a fully touchless solution, MorphoWave offers a frictionless and hygienic experience to users.

When IDEMIA began working on its latest generations of contactless fingerprint scanners, user convenience combined with the highest level of security was the aim. Since 2016, IDEMIA has continuously invested in MorphoWave technology, with a focus on improving ergonomics, speed and accuracy to leverage the latest advancements in AI.

Launched earlier this year, MorphoWave XP and MorphoWave SP are the latest devices among a portfolio of other access control biometric devices. They are both designed to enable fast, secure and barrier-free biometric authentication.

MorphoWave XP X-tended Performance is recommended for large projects with demanding requirements. Keeping the nature of these types of projects in mind, MorphoWave XP is designed to work fast, allowing up to 60 users per minute and up to 100 000 user records with a high level of accuracy. It provides a 20% increase in performance compared to the previous generation by leveraging IDEMIA’s latest algorithm improvements, rewarded in the latest NIST evaluations. This version also offers a large colour tactile screen for user interaction and time and attendance use cases.

Designed to make unique contactless technology more accessible to customers, MorphoWave SP Simplified Profile has a simplified interface and is ideal for smaller ‘mainstream’ projects. This device allows up to 40 users per minute and up to 10 000 user records.

Facial recognition and access control

IDEMIA has also developed VisionPass, an advanced facial recognition terminal which is an alternative to contactless fingerprint scanning. This state-of-the-art device combines high-end 2D, 3D and infrared cameras with AI-powered algorithms to provide a highlevel of performance.

VisionPass enables a near-motion 1-second verification through multiple angles and in all light conditions. It is fully effective with face masks and also provides a mask detection functionality to enforce mask-wearing policies. As the main objective of a biometric terminal is to increase security, VisionPass’ liveness and anti-spoofing mechanisms are fully resistant to photo presentation attacks by intruders. IDEMIA’s terminal is the only one on the market to have passed the iBeta lab’s Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) level 1 and level 2 anti-spoofing evaluation with 100%.

With VisionPass, security managers and directors can therefore ensure a high level of security for their premises and a safe and convenient end-user experience.

Although the pandemic has escalated the growth of contactless technology for security, IDEMIA’s many years of experience with these solutions ensures that customers receive a high-end product suitable for many needs.


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