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Elvey has made access control readily available to all with a range of Sigma biometric readers from IDEMIA. Siresen Naidoo, product manager at Elvey Security Technologies, explains that the range of four readers are designed for specific applications.

Slim and powerful fingerprint access terminals

“With a footprint of only 14x22 mm, the SIGMA Lite and SIGMA Lite+ provide most of the features of their bigger brothers, without taking up space. This makes them the ideal solution where users need to equip narrow mounting surfaces such as glass/aluminium door mullions, turnstiles or server rack doors,” says Naidoo.

Equipped with a simple blue/green/red LED indicator and buzzer, the SIGMA Lite is the ideal choice for users who need a cost-effective access control biometric reader.

Engineered with the same form factor as the SIGMA Lite, the SIGMA Lite+ includes an additional 2,8-inch (71 mm) QVGA colour touchscreen for extended features such as recording time and attendance and In and Out function keys.

Leveraging the #1 fingerprint technology for accuracy as measured by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), the two readers are feature-filled:

• Up to 10 000 users (30 000 templates) in 1: N identification mode.

1:100 000 matching in less than 1 second.

• FBI PIV IOS certified optical sensor.

• Multiple recognition factors – NFC, Prox, iClass, MIFARE, MIFARE Plus and DESFire.

• Easy set-up and maintenance.

• Enables on-device enrolment, terminal configuration and transaction log retrieval.

The SIGMA Lite+ offers these additional features:

• User ID, PIN and BioPIN management.

• Intuitive icons and live messages.

• Anti-fraud features:

° Fake finger detection.

° Duress finger.

° Timed anti-passback function.

° Banned/authorised user lists.

Access and time terminal for harsh operating conditions

“You need a special biometric fingerprint terminal for use in extreme operating conditions where dust, salt or mist and other inclement weather conditions are common. Enter the SIGMA Extreme from IDEMIA,” says Naidoo.

Designed specifically for harsh environments and weather conditions, this ruggedised version provides an IK09 protection for outdoors installation at labour-intensive sites such as industrial plants, mines, seaports and airports. It offers a larger fingerprint sensor for ease-of-use and provides unique and patented fake fingerprint detection.

The SIGMA Extreme has a large capacitive touchscreen, is resistant to vandalism and can withstand the impact of a 500-gram steel ball dropped from a height of 2 metres. The IP65 front and rear enclosure is impermeable to dust and water. Increasing its robustness and reliability are:

• Tough housing.

• 3,8 mm thickness tempered glass screen.

• Enhanced man-machine interface.

• Field-proven sensor – largest optical sensor on the market.

• Meticulous sealing.

• Sturdy wall mounting.

In addition to its extendable identification capacity of 1:5000 (default) to 1:10 000, 1:50 000 or 1:100 000 users, with genuine matching, the SIGMA Extreme offers several additional features:

• Time and attendance functions: touchscreen time clock featuring 16 programmable function keys, access time slots, accurate records, real-time employee notification, job code management.

• Videophone: built-in camera, speaker and microphone.

• Embedded web server.

• Flexible architecture: NFC, Prox, iClass or MIFARE, DESFire and NFC contactless card readers as options.

• Anti-fraud features:

° Fake finger detection.

° Fake face detection.

° Duress finger.

° Timed anti-passback function.

Contactless access everywhere

“In the minimal-contact world we currently live in, the MorphoWave Compact provides a unique solution for frictionless fingerprint access control. This masterpiece of engineering delivers the award-winning, field-proven performance of MorphoWave contactless 3D fingerprint scanning technology in a stylish and compact casing, suitable for any location,” says Naidoo.

The MorphoWave technology has become the benchmark in frictionless access, securing high-traffic access points in the world’s largest financial institutions, critical infrastructure facilities, universities and healthcare organisations.

The field-proven touchless fingerprint technology in the MorphoWave Compact offers several great features and capabilities:

• Time and attendance functions: touchscreen time clock, access time slots and holiday scheduling, real-time employee notification, job code management.

• Flexible architecture: 1: N identification or multifactor authentication + PIN code.

• Anti-fraud features:

° Fake finger detection.

° Banned/authorised user lists.

° Tamper switches.

° Timed anti-passback function.

• Fast capture: captures and matches four fingers in less than one second, in any direction.

• Copes with wet, dry or damaged fingers.

• Robust to external light and dust – IP65 rated.

• No latent prints left on scanner.

• Easy gesture for immediate user adoption.

This results in a biometric reader that offers more than just reading fingerprints. Additional benefits include:

• Convenience and security.

• High throughput – up to 50 people per minute.

• Versatile and easy to deploy anywhere.

• Multifactor authentication.

Facial recognition access control device

IDEMIA’s VisionPass is a facial recognition device, developed in collaboration with partners and end-users. This robust and reliable device provides near-motion 1-second verification through multiple angles and in all light conditions and is resistant to all kinds of spoofing attempts.

The VisionPass combines years of experience in the development of facial recognition algorithms and devices for the most demanding applications, with IDEMIA’s latest advances in AI. The resultant features make it a winner for users:

• Fully hands-free: touchscreen time clock, access time slots and holiday scheduling, real-time employee notification, job code management.

• Wide angle detection for side approach and for persons of all sizes (1,2 to 2 metres in height).

• Caters for all skin colours.

• Easy installation.

Additional benefits include:

• Unique performance: the state-of-the-art optical set combines 2D, 3D and infrared cameras and stereoscopic image processing algorithms.

• True security: incorporates IDEMIA’s latest anti-spoof detection mechanisms (copes with helmets, headsets, change of haircuts).

• Easy deployment: install anywhere (indoor wall- or gate-mounted and outdoor IP65 rated) and use in collaboration with many other IDEMIA devices.

When it comes to authenticating one’s identity, reliability is essential. Given that a biometric system depends on statistical algorithms, false rejections and false acceptance are unavoidable. No form of biometrics can ever be 100% accurate when used alone. The most powerful biometric solutions aim at finding the right balance between false rejection and false acceptance, rely on multimodal biometrics and can provide reliable verification in difficult situations.


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