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Smart Cybersecurity Handbook 2022 Cyber Security

The world has seen exponential growth in cybercrimes. Syndicates and individuals have turned to our hyper-connected world to profit from our shortcomings. We are constantly engaged in a battle against focused and opportunistic attackers who will stop at nothing to get their share of the multi-billion-dollar cybercrime pie.

J2 has been at the forefront of helping companies protect themselves by providing effective and easy to manage cybersecurity and policy enforcement solutions.

Cyber resilience programme

The key is to build your organisation’s own cybersecurity programme and the most important part of the journey is getting started. Using a Unified Security Management (USM) approach and ensuring you work towards achieving continuous improvement by building cyber resilience to the very DNA of your business will guarantee cybersecurity maturity improvements.

Building cyber resilience into the DNA of every business is at the heart of the J2 approach. With improved visibility, managed solutions and continuous monitoring it can help you understand what is happening, identify problems as soon as they occur and allow you to rapidly remediate any issues.

Cyber resilience does not mean that you will never have an incident; cyber resilience ensures that when you do, it will not destroy your business and you can continue to operate without suffering any losses.

Continuous improvement is an ongoing process and by starting with the basics and using modern, managed cyber services, J2 will help you build your security programme as a strategic partner to your business. J2 provides you with a diverse team of experts that are looking after the security of your business around the clock. It will expand your capacity, provide the ability to identify and detect risks, introduce the capability to respond to threats and ensure that you can recover in the event of an attack. Cyber resilience is for everybody, no matter the size of your business.

Cybersecurity centre

The J2 CSC delivers next-generation security today and provides managed security for every business. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. It works to ensure that your requirements are met, and security gaps are covered so you can focus on your business.

The J2 CSC enables clients with limited resources to accelerate and simplify threat detection no matter the size of the business. Providing visibility, security and remediation from one place:

• Cybersecurity monitoring and incident response.

• World-class cybersecurity, no matter the size of your business.

• Tailor-made to meet your requirements.

• Continuously improve your cybersecurity posture.

• Aid compliance, combat threats and reduce risk.

Microsoft 365 security monitoring service

Office/Microsoft 365 is one of the most attacked platforms in the world because of its massive popularity. Unfortunately, many people assume that their tenant is secure by default, right up until they are compromised.

J2 Software’s advanced security monitoring service provides a centrally monitored security service dedicated to the security of your 365 tenant.

There has been a significant increase in Microsoft 365 Business Email Compromise (BEC) in recent months. During the last year there were reports that the average number of BEC attacks rose by 15% per week. This attack method leads to change of bank details fraud, credential theft and payment fraud.

The monthly J2 Software Advanced 365 Monitoring Service goes beyond the standard service and works to identify problems as they begin, not when you are front page news. The service monitors activity in your 365 tenant to identify dangerous and malicious activity in order to respond to any attacks.

Monitoring Office 365 logs offers a variety of benefits for organisations by helping improve security maturity, provides enhanced detection capabilities and can aid compliance to policy and legislation.

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