Fire-rated cable fixings

Issue 6 2021 Fire & Safety

LINIAN fire-rated cable fixings supplied by Technoswitch are expertly designed to save time, money and lives. This evolution of a vital building component can help you make every job neater and more effective than ever.

There is no need for plugs, screws and washers, simply drill the hole, slide the clip over the cable and push it into the wall.

• 70% quicker to install than traditional methods.

• Suited for indoor and outdoor use.

• Tested in temperatures up to 1200°C.

• 90- and 120-minute fire resistant.

• Compliant to BSi and DIN classifications.

LINIAN FireClip: The 6-8 mm LINIAN FireClip is suitable for round cables and PVC trunking. The FireClip supports a tensile load of 24 kg.

LINIAN SuperClip: The heavy-duty SuperClip is designed specifically for conduit, armoured (SWA) and grouped cables. Available in 18-20 mm and 23-35 mm, the SuperClip supports a tensile load of 44 kg.


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