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Residential Security Handbook 2021: Smart Estate Living CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

The future of CCTV for your home has arrived and been improved. Push notifications and 2-way audio combined with vehicle and human detection is now a minimum standard you should insist on when upgrading or installing security cameras at your house or your business.

Integrators and installers have to stay updated with relevant technology and requirements for effective CCTV. This is the cornerstone measurement for a specialist, the value for the homeowner should be a consultation with advice and guidance.

When you are considering moving in to our new home, you would consider the benefits and needs most suited for your family. This line of thought is also then true when considering upgrading or installing CCTV cameras. The ‘why’ becomes the focus point of what you want to see.

Digit CCTV considers the why and the need for the ‘what’ you wish to see. Only then are we able to provide a quotation, normally two alternatives, depending on which need is more important. For example, consideration for effective night vision versus only seeing movement at night, or line cross detection versus only using the view for confirmation for an entrance. For larger properties where the need is there, thermal perimeter security is a long-term effective solution. Cost of ownership over time should be considered a focus point when choosing your solution.

Focusing on the age of children, swimming pool and playing areas, combined with 1-way or 2-way audio allows the parent at home to remain seated in the home office and effectively monitor children around or inside the house. For the teenager insisting home alone is no problem, the parents can check in anytime, but also the young adult can fight away those doubts at night with a simple live view via their phone, to instantly see around the house or perimeter.

Your home camera system should first and foremost provide peace of mind, and should be considered an invaluable tool for you to use, not only for viewing the past, but actively protecting your environment, your children and your investment.

Digit CCTV is solution orientated. A standard service agreement is automatically included when your local Digit CCTV approved installers have completed installation and training, with both in person and telephone guidance and assistance available.

Solutions Available from Digit CCTV:

1. CCTV camera installation for homes.

2. Estate surveillance design and maintenance.

3. Thermal perimeter CCTV cameras.

4. Offsite monitoring for home and vehicles.

5. Rental and finance options.

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