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Residential Security Handbook 2021: Smart Estate Living Residential Estate (Industry)

Illumico believes that technology is the perfect partner for manned services today. The current economic climate has shown us the importance of reducing costs, however, this needs to be done without compromising the security of any residential estate.

With the SecuVue from Secutel Technologies, your residential estate can be monitored, from any part of the world, as long as it is connected to the Internet. The SecuVue CVR (cloud video recorder) can turn almost any existing CCTV system into an intelligent system, with a very low outlay cost for the client.

In essence, you will no longer need to invest in high-end cameras to do video analytics, as the SecuVue platform will enable standard cameras to have access to analytics such as facial collection and recognition, intrusion detection, activity heat mapping, people counting and ANPR (automatic number plate recognition).

Illumico provides a cloud-based analytics platform to provide data, dashboards and reports through its visual, wireless and IoT devices. Through its integrated and open-standard software, the company has created a value proposition to analyse your data and automate routine tasks.

Key areas of value at any residential estate are as follows:

• Visual counting, recognition, monitoring and notifications using artificial intelligence algorithms.

• Detection and movement analytics of people, assets and products using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and RF technologies.

• IoT sensor technology to provide monitoring, management and remote control of devices and machinery in your environment.

Some of the benefits provide insight into:

• Surveillance and anonymised profiling via mobile devices.

• Predictive behaviour and notifications.

• Business intelligence for operational processes, protocols, flows and efficiencies.

• Proactive device, asset and machine monitoring and control.

• Heat maps, space planning, workflows and footfall counting.

• Visual identification and profiling.

• Geofencing enables customers to enforce and monitor access control.

Align your security strategies with technological innovations to ensure your residential estate can add value while achieving a competitive advantage.

For more information contact Illumico, +27 11 979 1178,,

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