SHA Risk Specialists launches MyCyberDNA and Bitdefender for SMMEs

Issue 1 2021 News

In an agreement concluded in conjunction with One Loyalty, SHA Risk Specialists (a division of Santam Limited) has launched the MyCyberDNA and Bitdefender solutions to its clients.

SHA Risk Specialists is the largest niche casualty insurance provider on the African continent. Each unit at SHA has a particular focus on a complex, niche insurance product, allowing for targeted insight into the complex exposures and casualty risks facing businesses.

One Loyalty Rewards, which has been operating since 2007, delivers a multitude of value-adding services and solutions across various industries, with specific emphasis on the short-term insurance sector. One Loyalty currently assists more than 100 short-term insurers (including insurance companies, UMAs, administrators and brokers) in building brand loyalty, achieving market differentiation and consistent service levels resulting in client retention and acquisition.

“We believe that our cybersecurity solutions are the perfect complement to SHA’s Cyber SME risk-centred insurance offering and will greatly benefit the company’s SMME clients in this sector,” says Simon Campbell-Young of Cyber Security South Africa (CSSA).

Extra layer of cyber protection

MyCyberDNA provides an extra layer of protection that antivirus software can not. “It protects mobiles, laptops, desktop PCs and tablets, and, more importantly, it protects individuals and their email addresses,” says Campbell-Young.

MyCyberDNA has created the world’s first Cyber Security Score displayed in a personalised dashboard, complete with actions to help improve and maintain a good score.

The MyCyberDNA package offers:

• Security awareness guidance.

• Cybersecurity and reporting.

• Identity theft monitoring.

• Vulnerability protection.

• Major threat alerts.

• Monitoring of three devices.

• Simulated attacks.

• Analytics and reporting.

• Cyber helpline.

Internet security

Bitdefender incorporates antivirus, Internet security, endpoint security and other cybersecurity products and services. Bitdefender protects its users’ privacy, as well as their devices.

“Bitdefender security technologies protect against all cyber-threats today, from annoying adware to dangerous malware that infiltrates to steal data, intercept online payments, spy, or hold your information for ransom. Bitdefender Internet Security delivers Windows protection, with no system slowdowns. It keeps you safe from all types of malware, including sophisticated ransomware attacks,” says Campbell-Young.

“MyCyberDNA tools are complementary to antivirus software like that offered by Bitdefender, but they are not an alternative or a replacement. These tools are designed to cover the areas that antivirus software cannot. We check if information has been breached, provide actionable insights to ensure users are better protected online, and provide ongoing education on best practices. Together, MyCyberDNA and Bitdefender will provide SHA clients with a holistic cyber-security solution,” says Campbell-Young.

For more information contact Cyber Security South Africa, +27 83 633 7947,,

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