Effective communications for managed access control

Access & Identity Management Handbook 2021 Commercial (Industry)

Property owners and their tenants need a powerful communications access control management system that they can rely on. In many cases, owners have unique buildings with mixed-use environments and they want a streamlined, sophisticated way to provide an all-encompassing security solution throughout their entire complex.

“Fortunately there are IP multi-tenant video intercom systems available on the market that will give you more opportunities to solve customer challenges. They allow users to communicate between a video tenant station and video entrance station with no distance limitations. From a cost-saving perspective, this best-practice system requires no servers as it connects buildings through an IP network. This makes it ideal for large sites, with long distances between buildings, and which allow guard centres to communicate with all tenant buildings,” says Anita Hermaans, product manager at Elvey.

According to Hermaans, this means that users now have access to a system that combines the feature-rich benefits of an IP intercom with the versatility of a multi-tenant solution. “Even better, you can offer a cloudbased app for those who need on-the-go security. You can answer a call with your smartphone which means users never miss a call, even when they are away from their homes.”

The ideal mobile app for this scenario can be used with or without an interior station. This flexibility is perfect for smaller applications where end users may only want the app to screen their visitors.

Users gets to choose – their mobile app can be used with just the entrance station and gateway, it does not require an inside tenant or guard station. Whether it’s an apartment building, a high-rise, or a mixed-use complex with retail spaces, each tenant has their own lifestyle and schedule. Accommodating the demands of these various schedules with a mobile app would mean that they can have access to:

• Answer and communication – answer a call from a station and communicate with it.

• Monitoring – monitor video and audio from a door station and monitor video and audio from the entrance station.

• Audio and video recording function – automatic recording of audio and video, or manual recording of audio and video.

• Unlock an electric lock while receiving an incoming call, during communication, or while monitoring.

• A gateway adaptor that can make calls to mobile apps by connecting to the Internet.

Compatibility with ONVIF would allow a video entrance station and guard stations to be used with an NVR/VMS. In addition, integration with network camera systems – ONVIF Profile S compliant – allows users to view ONVIF Profile S cameras on both tenant and guard stations.

“Ideally, building owners want to give tenants the ability to screen visitors or have all calls go directly to the IP video guard station. This type of solution would be perfect for mixed-use buildings with lobbies and reception areas, where calls can be easily transferred to the proper apartment or suite,” says Hermaans.

She points out that elevators/lifts tend to be an oversight when adding entry security. “What would work really well is an elevator/lift control adaptor on an IP multi-tenant video intercom system, which would mean that visitors would only be given access by the guard/reception and/or tenant to the floor in which the tenant resides, helping to ensure the right people go to the proper floor. With up to 16 adaptors, even the largest buildings with multiple elevators can be accommodated. Installing a lift control adaptor also gives the option to control lifts from the tenant station for convenience.”


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